Unpacking Trump’s Tax Plan

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

President Donald Trump’s tax plan was formally rolled out Wednesday. As promised on the campaign trail, the plan includes several business-friendly tax measures.

House Passes ‘Abortion Bill,’ Puts Governor in Political Pickle


After two hours of debate this afternoon, the Illinois House passed a measure that paves the way for more taxpayer-funded abortions. The legislation allows for Medicaid recipients to use that government health insurance to cover an abortion. Likewise, for state employees.

CPS Adding New Course on History of Jon Burge Torture Cases

Darrell Cannon, one of the Burge torture victims, speaks before the Chicago City Council in 2015. (Chicago Tonight)

Chicago teachers will spend the coming weeks preparing for a new course on the history of the disgraced former Chicago Police Department commander who, for two decades, systematically abused and tortured suspects on the South Side to force confessions.

How Gubernatorial Candidate Alex Paterakis Plans to Revive the State


A long-shot candidate for governor tells us why he thinks he’s got what it takes to lead the state.

Trump Executive Order Sparks Questions Over Future of H-1B Visa Program


The debate over President Trump’s executive order on skilled foreign workers.

Museum of Science and Industry Sits Out Chicago’s Science March

March for Science Chicago organizers said 60,000 people attended the April 22 event. (Susan Wigodner / Twitter)

According to organizers, an estimated 60,000 people attended the March for Science Chicago, making it the largest of those that took place Saturday in 400-plus cities worldwide. But some area institutions did not officially support the event.

Viewer Feedback: ‘I Want No Part of Being Annexed To Chicago’


Author Ted McClelland’s idea of annexing suburbs to Chicago to boost the city’s population had viewers talking.

Fairy Tale Exhibition Aims to Level the Playing Field

The exhibition “Once Upon a Castle” avoids imposing gender stereotypes and norms onto children. (Courtesy of Chicago Children's Museum)

By eschewing traditional tiaras, thrones and knightly armor, a fairy tale-minded exhibition at the Chicago Children’s Museum hopes to spark children’s imaginations without imposing gender stereotypes.   

Chicago Researchers Pushing For Expanded Social Emotional Learning


Officials from a Chicago-based education collaborative looked at years of studies on social and emotional learning and found consistent, positive effects on student behavior and outcomes.

From Homeless Pasts, a New Crop of Public Speakers

Laura Doss, 68, was homeless for 16 years. She recently graduated from a public speaking program. (Courtesy of Speak Up)

A program called Speak Up connects formerly homeless individuals with seasoned storytellers so they can learn how to speak more effectively about their life experiences. We meet a recent graduate of the program.

Photographer Sabine Weiss, 92, ‘Very Pleased’ With Life’s Work

(© Sabine Weiss / Courtesy Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago)

Chicago Tonight meets a celebrated photographer who captured the human condition with her camera.

CPS Scores Top 5 Public High Schools in New Rankings

Lane Tech was ranked as the No. 5 public high school in the state of Illinois, according to U.S. News. Chicago Public Schools took each of the top five spots on the list. (LonelyBeacon / Wikimedia Commons)

In addition to having the top five highest-rated public high schools in the state, Chicago Public Schools has two of the top 100 high schools in the country, according to new rankings from U.S. News and World Report.

Could House Calls Be the Future of Medical Care?


Bringing the doctor’s office to patients when they’re no longer able to bring themselves.

Barack Obama: ‘I’m Always Optimistic’ About Future of US

Former President Barack Obama speaks on Monday, April 24 at the University of Chicago.

Former President Barack Obama was greeted with cheers on his home turf Monday at the University of Chicago as he convened a panel discussion with young leaders on the importance of civic engagement. 

The Pitfalls of Participatory Budgeting

(Nitram242 / Flickr)

Aldermen fight to keep their discretionary “menu money” funds for ward improvements to streets, sidewalks, alleys and other projects.

Author’s ‘Immortal’ Story Comes to Life on HBO

Author Rebecca Skloot appears on Chicago Tonight on May 11, 2011.

A new film on HBO starring Oprah Winfrey tells the remarkable story of Henrietta Lacks. We revisit our conversation with the Chicago author who tells the story.