Metra CEO’s Severance Package Raises Eyebrows

Metra CEO Alex Clifford may receive up to $700,000 for stepping down, according to reports. His resignation raises questions about how the Metra is run – and whether the agency is using public dollars responsibly. Elizabeth Brackett and her guests discuss the issue on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm. Read the separation agreement between Metra and Clifford.

The RTA Chairman released the following statement today:

This week, I directed the RTA staff to immediately begin a detailed review of the recent Separation Agreement reached between Metra and its former CEO, Alex Clifford. I want our staff to determine whether the agreement is financially prudent.

While Metra is responsible for decisions regarding the staffing of its agency, the RTA has a duty and obligation to ensure that taxpayer dollars are being expended properly.

As the area’s transit fiscal oversight agency, the RTA needs to assure our two million riders and all the stakeholders in our transit system that we will not waiver from our responsibilities, as outlined in the RTA Act. That is why I have asked our staff to take immediate action to inquire into this Separation Agreement.

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