10 Things to Do This Weekend: Jan. 18-22

Anatomical Theaters of Mixed Reality (Courtesy of Grace Duval)

Donald Trump’s inauguration, experimental art, a massive women’s march and “Monty Python” star John Cleese usher in the weekend. Here are 10 things to do in and around Chicago.

Author’s Guide to Human Body Addresses Nagging Medical Questions


A fresh take on health from the author of a new guide to operating and maintaining your body.

Chief of New South Side Trauma Center Has Big Plans


Meet the doctor picked to lead a long-awaited new trauma center on the South Side.

U of C’s Crime Lab Report Examines Chicago’s Deadly Year


The statistics are stark: 762 people were killed in Chicago last year, a 58-percent increase from 2015. The University of Chicago’s Crime Lab studied the data behind the violence. We discuss the findings of its new report with WBEZ reporter Patrick Smith.

Ask Geoffrey: What Was a Manure Monger?


Before automobiles, Chicago basically ran on horsepower. Find out how the city kept its streets free of manure in this encore edition of Ask Geoffrey.

State Receives Mixed Grade on Reproductive Rights Ahead of Women’s March

(wp paarz / Flickr)

As tens of thousands of individuals gear up for the Women’s March on Chicago, a report released by NARAL Pro-Choice America offers insight into one of the event’s focal points: where the country and state stand in terms of reproductive rights.

Chicago Police Department Ramps Up Training for ‘Police Legitimacy’

The Chicago Police Department’s Procedural Justice training. (Brandis Friedman / Chicago Tonight)

Chicago Tonight sits in on a training class that aims to teach Chicago police officers how to better engage with the community.

‘Hamilton’ Master Class a Special Opportunity at Little Black Pearl

“Hamilton” dancer Yossi Chaikin. (Chicago Tonight)

One of the dance captains of “Hamilton” taught a master class at a Chicago school for the arts. We were there to witness the cultural exchange.

Head of Chicago Police Union Responds to DOJ’s Blistering Report


Dean Angelo, president of the Chicago chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police, gives us his take on the U.S. Department of Justice report on the Chicago Police Department.

New Chicago State Trustees Aim for Struggling School Turnaround


Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas on his new appointment to the board of beleagured Chicago State University.

Report: Illinois Schools Face 16,500 Teacher Absences Each Week

(Chicago Tonight)

Thousands of teachers miss class time within Illinois each week, and thanks to a shortage of substitute teachers, an average of 600 K-12 classrooms are left without an educator each school day, according to a new statewide study.

Notebaert Nature Museum Dusts Off Rare Specimens for 160th Anniversary

A regal fritillary butterfly, a local species that’s classified as threatened in Illinois.

Over the course of its history, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum has amassed a collection of about 390,000 animal specimens and artifacts. We get a close look at five of these rarely seen items.

Report: Pollution Leading Cause of Death Worldwide


Pollution causes 10 million deaths per year, according to an upcoming report written by 50 researchers and policymakers, including Chicago-based energy experts.

Meaningful Change Possible if You ‘Dig Where You Are,’ Says Chicago Author


From San Francisco to Stockholm, stories of people who started small and ended up solving problems in their community.

Can Apps be Used to Treat, Predict Mood Disorders?


Can an app reduce a person’s depression or anxiety? Or predict when someone might have a manic episode? Researchers from two local universities say yes.

Eugene Cernan, Last Man to Walk on the Moon, Dies

Eugene Cernan (NASA / Facebook)

The Chicago native died Monday afternoon at the age of 82.