Exploring a Tent City Along the Chicago River

(Evan Garcia)

After reading about people living in tents on a large plot of abandoned property along the Chicago River, I grabbed my camera and set out for the South Loop to investigate.

Play Some Adult Twister with Faye Driscoll at the MCA


Nothing says Valentine's Day like a bunch of bodies twined together. You'll get that and more at this weekend with "Thank You for Coming: Attendance," an interactive dance show that explores the "conflict and comedy" that comes with interacting with other human beings.

CPS Principals Learn How Deep Budgets Will Be Cut

Blaine Elementary Principal Troy LaRaviere

Today, Chicago Public Schools principals are learning just how deep their budgets will be cut after last week's announcement that the district was slashing more than $100 million from annual school budgets.

Blair Kamin on Lucas Museum, Lathrop Homes Redevelopment


Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin joins us to discuss the Lucas Museum's latest setback, the Lathrop Homes redevelopment, possible new building guidelines for South Michigan Avenue and more.

‘Downton Abbey’ Costumes Come to Chicago's Driehaus Museum


Afternoon tea in the parlor and dressing in black tie just to have dinner at home: that was everyday life for the fictional, aristocratic Crawley family. Starting today, Downton fans can get an up-close look at those fashions in a new exhibit at the Driehaus Museum. Brandis Friedman takes us inside.

Head of City Council's Independent Budget Office on Chicago's Finances


With the city's finances in a dire state and Mayor Rahm Emanuel looking to borrow billions, “Chicago Tonight” sits down with the head of the City Council's independent budget office, Ben Winick.

Illinois State Museum May Reopen

Rauner pushes for compromise, which includes continued closure of Thompson Center art gallery


On Monday, the state of Illinois announced the reopening of the Illinois State Museum, a 138-year-old institution closed by Gov. Bruce Rauner last September. But it's not exactly that easy. 

Aldermen Reject Mayor Emanuel’s Tobacco Tax

(Raul Lieberwirth / Flickr)

In a surprising setback, City Council aldermen came out against the mayor’s proposed ordinance for a $6 million tax on tobacco products. Why did City Council go against him?

City Council Prepares to Vote on Extending Inspector General's Powers


The City Council is expected to vote this week on whether to extend the powers of city Inspector General Joe Ferguson to cover the activities of the City Council itself. More than 30 aldermen are said to be supportive of the measure, but key alderman are trying to dilute the powers that Ferguson may be given. A panel of aldermen tells us what they think will happen.

New Book ‘In a Different Key’ Tells the History, Politics of Autism


According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated one in 68 American children has Autism Spectrum Disorder. A new book tells the story of some of those parents as it takes a look back at autism’s dark history of institutionalization, questionable therapies and plain bad science. 

History of African-Americans in Chicago Focus of Newberry Exhibit

'Civil War to Civil Rights' Covers More than 200 Years


From Jean Baptiste DuSable to Black Lives Matter, the new exhibit "Civil War to Civil Rights" traces the history of struggles and triumphs of Chicago's African-American community.

Chicago Tonight Puzzle: February Challenge


Our puzzle pro Sandy Weisz returns with a new video puzzle and photo puzzles. Submit your answer by 10 a.m. Monday for a chance to win our puzzle prize package!

As the Strandbeests Invade Chicago, an Interview with their Creator


A new exhibition featuring dizzyingly complex kinetic creations opens Saturday at the Chicago Cultural Center. Meet Theo Jansen, the Dutch engineer-slash-artist whose been behind these "beach animals" since the early 1990s.

Should City Government Set a Minimum Tobacco Price?


Tucked into a new ordinance that would tax smokeless and other non-cigarette tobacco products is a provision that would set a minimum price on cigarettes, cigars and chew tobacco.

The Week in Review: Battle Between CPS, CTU Escalates


Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union are at virtual war over the teachers' contract. Distrust of police runs high. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's job approval tanks. And Gov. Bruce Rauner wants a toll lane on the Stevenson Expressway. Joel Weisman and our panel discusses these stories and more in this edition of "The Week In Review."

Urban Coyotes Pose a Threat to Pets During Mating Season

A coyote in Lincoln Park, near Belmont Harbor. (John Picken)

A viewer's video, shared with "Chicago Tonight," shows his encounter with a coyote in Columbus Park while walking his two dogs. Coyote mating season has begun, which means the urban animals may behave aggressively.