Education Talks, Cartoon Controversy Continue

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Illinois’ top legislators will meet Thursday to continue hammering out a deal on education funding, even as a controversy continues to swirl over an editorial cartoon that backs one of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s positions.

City, Obama Foundation Reveal More Presidential Center Details


The city will have to come up with tens of millions of dollars to realign the roads in Jackson Park to accommodate the wishes of the Obama Foundation, but they say it’s too soon to talk about exact costs.

Former Dancer Awarded $148M in Personal Injury Suit Against City

(Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C.)

Tierney Darden was left paralyzed from the waist down after a bus shelter at O’Hare International Airport collapsed on her during a storm in 2015.

UChicago Scientists Track First X-Rays From Mysterious Supernovas

(Vikram Dwarkadas / Chandra X-ray Observatory)

A discovery by Chicago scientists could lead to new understanding about the largest explosions in outer space. 

Source to Sea: Paul Meincke Completes His Mississippi River Canoe Trip

(Courtesy of Paul Meincke)

Reflections on a 70-day canoe trip from Lake Itasca in Minnesota to the mouth of the Atchafalaya River in Louisiana.

Cash-Strapped Gary Schools Under Emergency Management

(Marc Chase /

WBEZ’s Northwest Indiana reporter Michael Puente joins to discuss the start of the new school year in Gary.

Ask Geoffrey: Why No Ketchup on Hot Dogs, Chicago?


Geoffrey Baer explores why hot dogs and ketchup don’t mix in Chicago in this encore edition of “Ask Geoffrey.”

After Publicly Criticizing Trump, Chicago CEO Faces Racist Backlash


Ravin Gandhi denounced the president’s comments on Charlottesville in an op-ed, and now finds himself the target of racist invective. What he hopes will come out of the experience.

Cook County Urges Vaccination of Pets After Rabid Kitten Found


Pet owners should not panic, local health officials say, but take precautions after a rabid kitten was found in Carroll County.

New Law Paves the Way for Noise Monitors on Lake Shore Drive

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Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a measure this week allowing the city to install noise monitors along the scenic expressway, following residents’ complaints.

CDC Links Backyard Chickens to Nationwide Salmonella Outbreaks


As more people flock to the backyard poultry trend, the number of salmonella infections are likely to increase, says Illinois Department of Public Health veterinarian Dr. Connie Austin.

Legislators Condemn Rauner’s Reaction to Political Cartoon

(Meagan Davis / Wikimedia Commons)

Top legislators spent hours Monday working on an education funding package, and reaction to a political cartoon is still simmering. 

‘Hopeful’ Madigan Cancels Eduction Funding Vote ‘In Light of Progress’

House Speaker Michael Madigan talks about education funding on Aug. 16, 2017. “We're not going to walk away from Senate Bill 1,” he said.

A marathon private session between Illinois’ top legislative leaders was evidently productive enough that House Speaker Michael Madigan is canceling the chamber’s expected vote on a contentious education funding plan Wednesday as talks continue. 

Civic Federation: TIFs Are Good for Chicago Public Schools


The governor says Chicago could solve a lot of CPS’ financial problems by getting rid of TIF districts, but the mayor and other budget watchdogs say that doing away with them could actually cost public schools money.

Rauner Spokeswoman Confirms Governor to Sign Immigration Bill


Gov. Bruce Rauner may be set to sign legislation limiting cooperation between officials in Illinois and federal immigration authorities.

Toni Preckwinkle Discusses Cook County Soda Tax Pushback


The Cook County sweetened beverage tax has had a challenging rollout, but Toni Preckwinkle doesn’t appear to be backing down. And she’s found a deep-pocketed supporter of the tax who’s helping with a media campaign.