Local Republicans React to President Trump’s First Month


In a little more than four weeks, President Donald Trump has shattered presidential conventions, created controversy and legal battles, and energized his base with executive orders aimed at meeting campaign promises.

Neighborhood Project Aims to Grow Chicago’s Public Art Profile

The 50x50 Neighborhood Arts Project aims to bring more public art to all of Chicago's neighborhoods, including murals like this one in Bronzeville. (Courtesy of the City of Chicago)

New murals, sculpture and other works of public art are coming to each of Chicago’s 50 wards as part of the city’s Year of Public Art initiative.

Documentary Explores Life of Legendary Writer Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou in a scene from the documentary “Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise.”

The moving and powerful life of Maya Angelou: A new film explores the many facets of the acclaimed poet and writer.

History of Complaints Raise Questions for West Side Police Commander


A West Side police commander has an unusually high number of complaints filed against him. We talk to the reporter who broke the story.

Revolutionary Dance of Merce Cunningham in the Spotlight at MCA

Merce Cunningham, 2008. (Cameron Wittig, courtesy of Walker Art Center, Minneapolis)

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago joined forces with the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis for a dual exhibition about an artist of dance who worked with celebrated artists of other disciplines.

Mexican Political Leader in Chicago


As concerns grow over heightened immigration measures, a top political leader from Mexico comes to Chicago with a message.

Free Press in the Trump Era


President Donald Trump calls the media the “enemy of the American people.” We get reaction from some local editors.

Data: Upward Battle for African-American Males in Chicago

U.S. Rep. Danny Davis

Unemployment rates for African-American males in Chicago are nearly three times higher than the national average, according to data released Monday by U.S. Rep. Danny Davis.

New Book ‘Identity Unknown’ Rediscovers Women in the Art World

(Courtesy of Donna Seaman)

Among America’s female artists, Georgia O’Keeffe gets much of the attention. But there are many other worthy – but lesser-known – female artists.

What Landmark Status Could Mean for Former Johnson Publishing Building


The former Johnson Publishing building is up for landmark status, but what does that mean for the future of the only black-designed high-rise in downtown Chicago?

Tom Skilling Explains Spring-Like February Weather


Another record high temperature in Chicago. How long will spring in February last? 

City of Gary Considers State Government Takeover of Public Schools

(Courtesy of Michael Puente / WBEZ)

WBEZ reporter Michael Puente joins us to discuss funding problems surrounding the public school system in Gary, Indiana.

Viewer Feedback: ‘No Human Being Is Illegal’


Viewers had a lot to say about our report on immigration raids carried out in Chicago and around the nation last week.

Shedd Staff Help Rescue Endangered Penguin Chicks in South Africa

(Shedd Aquarium)

For the fifth year, members of Shedd Aquarium's Animal Response Team participated in a rescue mission of endangered penguin chicks in South Africa. Learn about their work.

Chicago Urban League, ISBE Reach Tentative Settlement in Yearslong Suit


Days after CPS filed a lawsuit against the state claiming discriminatory school funding, the Illinois State Board of Education announced it has reached a tentative settlement in a similar case after a yearslong legal battle with the Chicago Urban League.

Augmented Reality App Sharpens Focus on St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

The Chicago History Museum partnered with Alan Rhodes to present historical events like the Valentine's Day Massacre through virtual and augmented reality. (Courtesy of Chicago History Museum)

Last fall, 21st century technology was used to tell the story of a 20th century tragedy: the Eastland Disaster. The team behind that project is set to launch a second installment of its augmented reality app. Learn more.