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Mayor Applauds Gun Bill, But it’s Stuck

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson on Monday commended the Illinois House for passing a long sought-after measure cracking down on people caught multiple times for illegal gun possession, but perhaps they were too quick with their praise.

Illinois Still Has No Budget (But a Bunch of Other Bills In the Works)

Illinois legislators are under the gun to pass Illinois’ first complete budget since July 2015. The spring session ends Wednesday, though with time running short it seems more likely that the deadline will be put off until the end of June.

Without a Budget, ‘That’s It’: Weekend State Budget Update

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Lawmakers heard tales of woe Sunday as the Illinois House resumed what’s supposed to be the swan song of the annual spring session. There is, increasingly, a prevailing sentiment that the Democratic-led General Assembly will fail to pass a budget by May 31.

Lawmakers Adjourn as Budget Agreement Remains Elusive

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A new round of finger-pointing played out as Illinois lawmakers left the capitol Friday for a mini Memorial Day weekend break.

Budget Clock Ticks, Lawmakers Linger

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Illinois lawmakers are set to spend the bulk of the Memorial Day weekend at the capitol, as Illinois edges closer toward entering a third straight year without a budget.

Illinois Budget Now in Madigan’s Court

Illinois representatives Wednesday are beginning to vet the $37.3 billion spending plan – as well as the tax hike that would support it – passed a day prior by their Senate peers.

Illinois Senate Passes Budget, Tax Increase

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Democrats in the Illinois Senate on Tuesday passed what could be the state’s first complete budget in two years and a revenue package that includes a 32-percent increase in the personal income tax rate. 

Who’s Who of Illinois CEOs Call for $8 Billion Revenue Hike

A just-released report from Chicago’s premier group of business executives says Illinois needs $8 billion in new and increased taxes to get back on track. 

Mother Sues Website Following Daughter’s Murder

Yvonne Robinson-Ambrose speaks to the press about her daughter Desiree Robinson. “She excelled at everything. Track and field, basketball. You name it.”

A Chicago woman says the classified ads website should be held responsible for her teenage daughter’s murder late last year.

Illinois Senate Passes Bill to Expand Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

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In passing House Bill 40, Illinois senators tossed a political hot potato into Gov. Bruce Rauner’s lap ahead of the 2018 gubernatorial campaign.

Report: Budget Impasse a ‘Stunning Failure of Leadership’

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The political inertia that’s left Illinois without a budget can’t continue, according to a report released Tuesday by the non-partisan Civic Federation. 

Budget Deal is ‘Top Priority,’ Says Madigan, But is Bargain in Sight?

| Alexandra Silets
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Lawmakers are in the final weeks before the legislative session ends – is there a “grand bargain” in sight?  

A Year Later, Illinois Service Providers Back in Court Seeking Money

A year to the date that Illinois human service providers first went to court, the Pay Now coalition again asked the judicial branch to force the state to make good on its contracts. 

J.B. Pritzker Nabs Trade Union Endorsements

A candidate for Illinois governor gets an early boost from one of Democrats’ traditional allies.

Rauner, Madigan Meet for the First Time in 2017

The ringleaders of Illinois’ partisan impasse – Gov. Bruce Rauner and House Speaker Michael Madigan – met Thursday morning for the first time since before Christmas.

Rauner Gives Illinois a Grade A

| Nicole Cardos
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Gov. Bruce Rauner sits down with Chicago Tonight correspondent Amanda Vinicky to discuss his agenda for public schools, the state budget crisis and why he drops the “g” when he speaks.

House Passes ‘Abortion Bill,’ Puts Governor in Political Pickle

After two hours of debate this afternoon, the Illinois House passed a measure that paves the way for more taxpayer-funded abortions. The legislation allows for Medicaid recipients to use that government health insurance to cover an abortion. Likewise, for state employees.

Rauner Says About-Face on Abortion Due to ‘Focus’

Gov. Bruce Rauner is casting his promise to veto legislation that’s become known as the “abortion bill” as a matter of timing rather than philosophy.

Is It Time for Illinois to Hang Up on Landlines?

With Chicago residents increasingly forgoing landlines for cellphones and other technology, state legislators are considering freeing AT&T from a longstanding mandate that it offer copper-wire "plain old telephone service."

Should Your Credit Score Affect Your Car Insurance Rate?

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It’s illegal in Illinois for insurers to charge rates based on factors like race, but a pair of state legislators say companies’ reliance on credit scores to set auto insurance premium rates contravenes the law. 

Legal Pot in Illinois a Question of When, Not If, Legislators Say

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Illinois recently sanctioned marijuana for medicinal use, and a law signed last July decriminalized possession of small amounts of the drug. Could full-scale legalization be next? 

Cook County Judge Fatally Shot Outside South Side Home

Cook County Associate Judge Raymond Myles (Courtesy of Circuit Court of Cook County)

It is a new and disturbing mark against the city of Chicago: Early Monday morning a local judge was shot and killed.

For These Chicago Kids, Time is ‘Write’ for Cursive Clubs

It’s rarely taught in schools anymore, so kids today are joining cursive clubs. But a state legislator is moving to once again make cursive lessons mandatory. 

Moody’s Predicts Doom If Illinois Doesn’t Pass Budget by Spring

Reports from credit ratings agencies aren’t typically considered thrilling reads. But the latest one from Moody’s is so ominous, it ought to give taxpayers, or at least state lawmakers elected to represent them, the shivers.

Legislators Propose Alternatives to ‘Grand Bargain’

Nearly three months after Senate leaders unveiled a so-called “grand bargain,” the gridlock in Springfield has only intensified. Now, Democrats and Republicans are coming forward with their own alternative platforms.