Stories by Eddie Arruza

Chicago in Hot Pursuit of Amazon Corporate Headquarters

It’s being called the Olympics of corporate relocations, and Chicago is very much chomping at the bit.

Daniel Biss and Carlos Ramirez-Rosa Part Ways

State Sen. Daniel Biss

It was only last week that gubernatorial candidate and Democratic state Sen. Daniel Biss named Chicago’s 35th Ward Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa as his running mate. On Wednesday, the two went their separate ways.

McCook Reservoir to ‘Significantly Reduce’ Flooding, Says MWRD

A grand canyon that will become a deep lake: We get a tour of the final reservoir in the Deep Tunnel plan. 

Former Dancer Awarded $148M in Personal Injury Suit Against City

(Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C.)

Tierney Darden was left paralyzed from the waist down after a bus shelter at O’Hare International Airport collapsed on her during a storm in 2015.

Thousands Catch Eclipse Fever at Adler Planetarium

The last time a total solar eclipse spanned the continental United States from coast to coast was 99 years ago. Thousands joined in the Adler Planetarium’s celestial celebration to mark the occasion.

Question Over Controversial Public Monuments Comes to Chicago

As the debate over Confederate monuments heats up following the Charlottesville tragedy, some Chicago aldermen want to get rid of a name with a fascist history.

Emanuel: Neo-Nazis ‘Think They Have a Friend in the Oval Office’

The violent confrontation between white supremacists groups and protesters has sparked nationwide outrage and condemnation. How some local politicians are responding.

More Fallout From the Cook County Sweetened Beverage Tax

Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin

Several Cook County commissioners, including one who may be after Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s job, are blasting her handling of the new sweetened beverage tax.

Former Northwestern Professor Accused of Murder Appears in Court

Wyndham Lathem, 42, who is accused in the murder of a 26-year-old Chicago man, made his first court appearance on Monday.

Illinois State Fair to Auction Off $100,000 in Unclaimed Property

The nine-day event has something for everyone, including an attraction that’s been found to lure folks to the fair who might not otherwise go: an auction of unclaimed property.

Illinois Shuts Down ‘The Fire Ball’ Rides

The Illinois Department of Labor has joined other states in shutting down carnival rides similar to the one that malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair Wednesday.

500 Vivian Maier Photos Donated to University of Chicago

Unpublished work © 2017 The Estate of Vivian Maier. All rights reserved

A relatively small but significant trove of photographs by Vivian Maier has a new home at the University of Chicago Library.

Anger Over $40M Red Light Camera Settlement

Ald. Anthony Beale, 9th Ward, says motorists are likely to receive only half of what they might have if they’d been allowed to contest their fines.

Chicago Pastry Chef Awarded France’s Highest Civilian Honor

Words of culinary wisdom from master pastry chef Jacquy Pfeiffer, co-founder of The French Pastry School.

Lake Shore Drive Transformation Plan Ambitious, But Realistic?

It is one of the city’s crown jewels, but parts of Lake Shore Drive have not been upgraded since before World War II. A new plan gives parts of the drive a real “wow” factor.

‘Englewood Rising’ Campaign a ‘Reflection of What Already Exists’

(Credit: Tonika Johnson)

A new rebranding campaign aims to change the perception of one of Chicago’s most beleaguered communities.

Illinois Senators Weigh in on New Budget

Illinois Senators discuss the newly passed budget and explain why they voted the way they did.

Survival Stories, Photos Commemorate Dark Chapter in US History

A new book and a Chicago-area survivor recall the infamous internment of Japanese-Americans that took place 75 years ago.

‘Passion for French Posters’ on Display at Driehaus Museum

When fine art and advertising joined forces: We check out an exhibition of posters from late 19th century France.

Durkin: Madigan ‘Needs to Work With Us’ on Balanced Budget

Republican state lawmakers say they have crafted a balanced budget bill that is both a compromise with Democratic proposals and one Gov. Bruce Rauner has promised to sign if it’s passed.

Illinois Man, 66, Identified as Suspect in Virginia Shooting

An Illinois man from Belleville is identified as the lone gunman who opened fire Wednesday morning at a park in Alexandria, Virginia.

Joseph Berrios: Cook County Assessments ‘Fair and Accurate’

Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios

Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios is pushing back on a series of reports by the Chicago Tribune questioning the accuracy and fairness of his office.

DCFS Director George Sheldon Abruptly Resigns

George Sheldon’s departure comes as he faces an ongoing ethics probe involving contracts and DCFS is under fire for its handling of the Semaj Crosby case. 

Passenger Dragged From Flight, Security Officer Put on Leave

(Courtesy @Tyler_Bridges)

An aviation security officer is put on leave after a passenger is dragged from an overbooked United Airlines flight at O’Hare.

World of Robotics and Automation on Display in Chicago

They’re fast, they’re precise and in some cases they’re even ... cute. We visit the trade show Automate to get a look at the latest in robotics.