Stories by Jay Shefsky

Neighbor Carts

Neighbor Carts hires workers with pre-existing barriers to employment, while simultaneously working to eradicate the city's vast food deserts. Jay Shefsky explores the company's innovative business model. Read an article and view a slideshow.

Sand Man

Joe Mangrum spends all day on a work of art, and then it’s gone. He creates sand paintings - improvisational and temporary works in public spaces, as well as museums, galleries and events. Jay Shefsky caught up with him as he made a commissioned sand painting in a downtown office lobby. Read an article and watch a time-lapse video of sand art.

MSI's Train Guy

Jay Shefsky introduces us to the lifelong model railroader who now keeps the trains running at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Sled Hockey

With the Blackhawks up 2 games to 1 in the post season, Jay Shefsky introduces us to Chicago's sled hockey team -- that's the hard-hitting, fast-paced sport played by amputees and others with lower limb disabilities.

Optimo Hats

Once there were dozens of men's hatmakers in Chicago. Today, there is only one. Jay Shefsky takes us inside Optimo Hats.

Baseball Artist

As a kid growing up in Wrigleyville, Margie Lawrence developed a love of baseball and baseball players. But it was her love for a Wrigley Field beer vendor that inspired her to become a baseball artist. Jay Shefsky has a profile.

Wheelchair Basketball

Jay Shefsky introduces us to a basketball team you won't forget.

Winter Biking

We meet some Chicago area cyclists who won't let a little thing like winter stand in their way.