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Department of Justice Meets with Chicago Police Union

U.S. Department of Justice

Dean Angelo, the head of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, met with Department of Justice officials in Washington, D.C. this week as the agency begins its civil rights investigation into the Chicago Police Department.

Search Begins for Next Superintendent of Chicago Police Department

The Chicago Police Board has started the process to select a new Chicago Police Superintendent, two weeks after the firing of Garry McCarthy. The board on Thursday posted the official application for the position to its website. Candidates will have until Jan. 15 to submit their credentials.

Mayor Emanuel's Address to City Council Stresses Trust, Respect

With his approval rating at an all-time low and protesters chanting outside the City Council chambers, Mayor Rahm Emanuel delivered a rare special address on Wednesday morning to apologize for the fatal police shooting of Laquan McDonald. Just how effective was the mayor's address and what lingering questions remain? Joining us in discussion are "Chicago Tonight's" Carol Marin and Paris Schutz.

Ronald Johnson Video Released; No Charges Against Officer

Justice Department Launches Chicago Police Department Probe

Another police dash-cam video depicting an officer-involved shooting of a young African-American male is released to the public, but this time, the state's attorney will not bring criminal charges. Paris Schutz joins us with the latest on this and more of today's breaking news.

City Set to Release Another Controversial Video

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces that the city will publicly release another dash-cam video showing a police officer killing an African-American male. What is this video alleged to show, and will it engender the same response that the video depicting the shooting death of Laquan McDonald did? Paris Schutz joins us with the latest. 

Names Emerge for Next Chicago Police Superintendent

Mayor Names Task Force on Police Accountability

| Alexandra Silets

One day after the surprise firing of Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy, names of a possible successor are starting to emerge. How will the process work? Should a new superintendent come from inside or outside the Chicago Police Department? And will fresh eyes alter the culture there? Paris Schutz has more.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy Fired

Mayor Rahm Emanuel at a press conference on Tuesday announced that he'd asked Garry McCarthy to step down as superintendent of police.

Fallout from Release of Laquan McDonald Video

There’s more fallout from Tuesday’s release of the dash-cam video that shows the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald. Did police officials initially try to cover the tracks of Jason Van Dyke, who’s been charged with first-degree murder? And why did Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez hold on to the case so long? Paris Schutz has details.

Chicago Police Officer Charged with Murder in Shooting Death of Laquan McDonald

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez charges Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald. Alvarez acknowledges Wednesday’s release of the controversial dashcam video factored into her decision. We have the latest.

Chicago Prepares for Release of Controversial Police Shooting Video

(Adam Gerard / Flickr)

The city is bracing for the release of a potentially damning video that is purported to show a white police officer shooting African-American teenager Laquan McDonald 16 times and killing him.

City Will Release Laquan McDonald Police Shooting Video

Chicago officials are bracing for the release of a controversial video purported to show a white police officer shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, an African-American, 16 times and killing him. A Cook County Judge ruled today that the city must release the video despite several ongoing investigations into the shooting. 

Full Day at Chicago City Council, Cook County

Higher taxes are coming to Cook County, new rules on drones are in the works for the city of Chicago, and Mayor Emanuel has a message for aldermen in the wake of the departure of Legislative Inspector General Faisal Khan. Paris Schutz has the full rundown.

Illinois Suspends Settlement of Syrian Refugees in Wake of Paris Attacks

Gov. Bruce Rauner announced on Monday that Illinois is temporarily closing its border to the settlement of Syrian refugees in the wake of the attacks in Paris.

Report: Aldermen Got $282,000 in Illegal Campaign Contributions in 2013

City Council Oversight to End on Monday

A report from the City Council Office of the Legislative Inspector General concludes that 29 aldermen took in a total of $282,000 in illegal campaign donations in 2013. 

Chicago Drone Rules Approved by City Aviation Committee

The drones are coming, and on Thursday the City Council debated new rules on where and when they can fly in Chicago. Paris Schutz has the details.

Father of 20-Year-Old Slain Model Speaks Out

Allen "Nick" Scott is preparing to bury his 20-year-old daughter Kaylyn Pryor on Saturday. The aspiring model was shot and killed last Monday after visiting her grandparents in Englewood.

Medical Marijuana Sales Begin in Illinois

(Flickr / Chuck Grimmett)

Today is the first day of medical marijuana sales in Illinois. Who is buying, who is selling, and is the program here to stay? Paris Schutz has the latest.

Fox Lake Police Officer Staged Suicide to Cover Crimes, Officials Say

Once celebrated as a hero, Fox Lake police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz is now said by investigators to have staged a suicide to cover up an alleged yearslong crime scheme.

CPS Faces Possible Teachers Strike, Massive Layoffs This Winter

Chicago teachers begin steps toward another possible teachers strike, as Chicago Public Schools announce big layoffs on the horizon.

New Beginning for Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center

For years, the Cook County facility that houses juvenile delinquents was under the control of the federal government. Today it was handed back to the county, and "Chicago Tonight" was there. Join us for an exclusive look inside the facility as it marks a new beginning.

Dennis Hastert Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges in Hush-Money Scheme

(Thomas Gianni)

Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert pleads guilty to federal charges connected to a hush-money scheme. Did anything else come to light about this mysterious case?

Police Superintendent McCarthy Calls for Universal Background Checks

In advance of President Obama's visit to Chicago to address gun violence, a group of the nation's top law enforcement personnel send a message to Congress about gun control.

Democrats Drop Endorsement Despite Dorothy Brown's Plea; Harris Endorsed

Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown

Cook County Democratic Party officials have voted to withdraw their support of Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown after reports surfaced that FBI agents seized her cellphone as part of a federal investigation. 

Desmond Clark Says Family is Victim of Racism

Former Bears tight end Desmond Clark is at the center of a high-profile police case in the suburbs involving allegations of disorderly conduct, battery and racism. Clark joins us share his side of the story ahead of his court appearance Monday in Lake County.

Dorothy Brown Could Lose Democrats' Support

Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown

Cook County Democrats will soon decide whether or not to withdraw their support of embattled Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown, who is reportedly under federal investigation, along with husband Benton Cook, for an alleged sweetheart land deal involving a longtime campaign contributor.