Stories by Paris Schutz

Lawmakers Want to Limit Police Use of Stingray Cellphone Trackers

Harris Stingray

Law enforcement agencies like the Chicago Police Department are increasingly using cellphone tracking devices, or Stingrays, to gather data on people. Why some Illinois legislators are trying to tone it down.

University of Chicago Reflects on Justice Antonin Scalia's Death

A close former associate of Justice Antonin Scalia from the University of Chicago reflects on their deep ideological divide and unlikely friendship. Paris Schutz has the story.

Civic Federation: Illinois Needs $9.4 Billion in New Taxes by 2019 to Survive

New taxes – and lots of them. That's what Illinois will need to dig out of its current fiscal mess, according to a new report from the Civic Federation.

City Council Passes Watered-Down Version of Inspector General Ordinance

City Council today proved that it is ready for reform – just not very much reform. It was a tense debate over which reform measure to support: one that would give Inspector General Joe Ferguson broad, sweeping powers to investigate and audit aldermen, or a more hands-off approach favored by powerful Ald. Ed Burke (14th Ward). Paris Schutz has the story.

State Owes Catholic Charities $25 Million and Growing Due to Budget Impasse

Social Service Agency ‘In Crisis Mode,' says CEO

Catholic Charities Chicago (U.S. Department of Agriculture)

The head of the state's largest social service organization says the state's ongoing budget impasse has now reached a crisis level that could impact the lives of hundreds of thousands vulnerable citizens. Paris Schutz has the exclusive story.

Aldermen Reject Mayor Emanuel’s Tobacco Tax

(Raul Lieberwirth / Flickr)

In a surprising setback, City Council aldermen came out against the mayor’s proposed ordinance for a $6 million tax on tobacco products. Why did City Council go against him?

Should City Government Set a Minimum Tobacco Price?

Tucked into a new ordinance that would tax smokeless and other non-cigarette tobacco products is a provision that would set a minimum price on cigarettes, cigars and chew tobacco.

Gov. Rauner Doubles Down on CPS Takeover, Bankruptcy

Gov. Bruce Rauner says he believes the General Assembly will pass his proposed legislation to have a state takeover of Chicago Public Schools and to enable them to declare bankruptcy. This, as CPS finally completes its delayed $875 million borrowing deal. Paris Schutz has more.

Comptroller: Taxes Would Have to Double to Cover State Debt

The cost of Illinois’ budget impasse? The income tax would have to go up 100 percent if the state’s debt is to be paid off through revenue alone, according to state Comptroller Leslie Munger. How much longer can the state teeter along without a budget? Paris Schutz has more.

Gov. Rauner Strikes Conciliatory Tone in State of the State Speech

In a roughly 30-minute speech on Wednesday, Gov. Bruce Rauner lightly mentioned the ongoing budget impasse and did not say the phrase “Turnaround agenda" once. Instead, the governor struck tones of reconciliation on issues such as pension reform and education funding.

2016 Health Care Enrollment Deadline Nears

State, local and federal officials are urging those without health coverage to sign up for the Affordable Care Act before next week's open enrollment deadline. Paris Schutz explains why it could affect your health care premiums. 

Cullerton Strikes Deal with Rauner

The top Democrat in the Illinois Senate says he's willing to make a deal with Gov. Bruce Rauner on pension reform and other items in the governor's so-called Turnaround agenda. Is the budget impasse finally thawing out?

Gov. Rauner, Republicans Tout John Cullerton Pension Plan

Gov. Bruce Rauner says he and Senate President John Cullerton have a deal on major pension reform, but it fell apart as the day went on. What happened? Paris Schutz has details.

Rauner, Republicans: State Takeover of CPS a 'Lifeline'

Christine Radogno

Gov. Bruce Rauner and Republican leaders officially announced on Wednesday their ambitious agenda to allow for an emergency financial authority appointed by the Illinois State Board of Education superintendent to take over Chicago Public Schools in the wake of a $500 million funding shortfall.

Sources: Lawmakers to Introduce Legislation Allowing Bankruptcy, Oversight for City and CPS

"Chicago Tonight” has learned that Gov. Bruce Rauner and top Republican leaders are planning to introduce legislation aimed at an emergency financial takeover of the city of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools. Paris Schutz has details.

Candidates for State's Attorney Debate Handling of Police Shootings

From left: Anita Alvarez, Kimberly Foxx, Donna More.

State's Attorney Anita Alvarez faces critics and opponents in a contentious forum to answer the question of whether a special prosecutor should handle police shootings. Paris Schutz brings us the latest.

Powerful Aldermen Block Reform Effort

Actions Wednesday by powerful aldermen Ed Burke and Carrie Austin signal City Council might not yet be ready for reform. Paris Schutz has the latest on that and how aldermen have watered-down the mayor’s borrowing plan – for now.

African-American Aldermen Push Candidates for CPD Superintendent

Tonight, the Chicago Police Board is holding a public hearing on the search for a new superintendent, and African-American aldermen and community members reveal to us their short list for the job. Paris Schutz joins us with details.

Aldermen Move to Empower Inspector General Joe Ferguson

Joe Ferguson

Who is going to make sure Chicago aldermen play by the rules? A major step forward Monday in determining the answer to that – a sign that City Council could finally be ready for real reform and transparency. But will powerful forces derail this latest effort? Paris Schutz has details.

Chicago Aldermen Put the Heat on Mayor Emanuel

Is City Council becoming more independent in the wake of Mayor Emanuel’s unpopularity? A pair of City Council votes next week – one on ethics oversight and one on a $3 billion borrowing plan – may go a long way toward answering that question.

City to Borrow Up to $3 Billion in 2016

A comprehensive list of nearly all of the planned borrowing to be done in 2016 was disclosed today by Chief Financial Officer Carole Brown.

Rahm, Rauner in War of Words

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, left, Gov. Bruce Rauner

Mayor Rahm Emanuel had some harsh words for Gov. Bruce Rauner today over a plan to have the state relieve $500 million in pension costs for CPS, one day after Rauner said he was "very disappointed," in the mayor. Paris Schutz brings us the latest.

Gov. Rauner: Reduce Number of Local Governments

Bruce Rauner

The governor unveils a plan he says will save taxpayers billions every year. But, as with everything else, can he get it through the General Assembly? Paris Schutz brings us more on that and whether or not the governor supports the recall of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Chicago Police Department to Expand Taser Use

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and interim police Superintendent John Escalante, right, announce police reforms.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces what he calls "major" new police reforms, including the use of more Tasers, in the wake of last weekend's deadly police shooting.

Officer Jason Van Dyke Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charges

Jason Van Dyke

The former Chicago police officer appeared in court this morning for his arraignment in the Laquan McDonald case. Paris Schutz brings us the latest.