Stories by Paris Schutz

NATO 3 Acquitted of Terrorism

The "NATO 3" have been acquitted of all terrorism-related charges. Instead, they were found guilty of much lesser mob action and arson charges. Read an article.

GOP Gubernatorial Candidates React to Explosive Allegations

Republican candidates Dan Rutherford and Bruce Rauner react to explosive allegations in the Illinois governor's race. Paris Schutz has the story. Watch a web extra video.

Lawmakers at Odds over Pension Reform Savings

It turns out pension reform could save $15 billion less than legislative leaders initially anticipated. An actuarial analysis done by the pension systems affected by this bill say the real savings will be $145 billion, rather than the $160 billion originally advertised. Read an article.

City Plows Through Half its 2014 Snow Budget in First 10 Days

This week’s visit from the Polar Vortex was more than snowy and bone-chillingly cold; it was expensive as well. Read an article.

Gov. Pat Quinn

Has Gov. Pat Quinn, once thought of as an ineffective governor, had a political resurrection? We go one-on-one with Quinn. Watch the full interview.

CTA's Ex-Offenders Program Ending

Sixty-five ex-offenders who work for the CTA will soon find themselves out of a job, thanks to a dustup between the rail union and CTA management. Can it be saved? Paris Schutz has the story. Read an article.

Winter Divvy

Chicago's new bike share program was a hit with commuters this summer, but can it hold up during the winter? And what happens behind the scenes to make sure bikes are available and ready to go at one of the 300 locations throughout the city? Paris Schutz takes a rare look inside. Read an article.

Gov. Quinn Signs “Historic” Pension Bill; Unions Move Toward Lawsuit

Gov. Pat Quinn officially signed what he calls “historic legislation,” and “his number one priority,” into law today. Read an article.

Landmark Pension Day Underway Amid Tense Atmosphere

Known for holding their rank and file members’ feet to the fire, Illinois legislative leaders were on the hot seat early Tuesday morning. House Speaker Mike Madigan, House Minority Leader Jim Durkin (R), and Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno (R) testified about the merits of their pension reform compromise before a panel of lawmakers in a prelude to today's big vote. Read an article.

Legislative Leaders Release Pension Plan Details

Legislative leaders officially released their pension plan today. It includes reduced cost of living raises, including years where retirees won’t get any raise, and aims for full funding of the systems by 2044. Read the full proposal.

University of Illinois President Warns about Pension Deal

Before he knew the contents of the final pension deal reached this afternoon, University of Illinois President Robert Easter warned his faculty in a memo that upcoming pension reform could be “onerous for public employees.”

Pension Deal Reached; Now, What's In It?

The four legislative leaders in the Illinois General Assembly say they have struck a long-awaited deal to reform the state’s woefully underfunded public pension system. Read an article.

Chicago Couple Will Enter Into State's First-Ever Same Sex Marriage

Two Chicago women are set to become Illinois' first ever same-sex married couple, and it will happen seven months before same-sex marriage can officially begin in the state.

Chicago Lawyer: Michigan Man Is Owed $25 Million for Finding Bin Laden

A Michigan man described as “an accomplished international gem merchant” says he’s owed $25 million from the FBI for allegedly giving them the tip that led to the death of Osama bin Laden. Read an article.

Source: Cubs Could Buy Rooftops

While the World Series plays out in the confines of Fenway Park and Busch Stadium, the Cubs are in the midst of a heated contest of their own involving Wrigley Field. Read an article.

Sen. Kirk Backs Emanuel's Gun Bill

But Fate in the General Assembly Still Uncertain

Republican U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk says he felt compelled to champion Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s law calling for tougher gun sentences after he met with the parents of slain teenager Hadiya Pendleton. Read an article.

Progressive Aldermen: Panel, Not Just Mayor, Should Find Pension Solution

The eight aldermen that form Chicago City Council’s self-styled “Progressive Caucus” have a novel approach to solving the city’s pension crisis: convene a panel of city workers, elected officials, and fund managers to come up with a long-term solution. Read an article.

Juvenile Detention

17-year-old criminal offenders in Illinois will go to juvenile detention instead of jail beginning next year. We have the details about why that has some concerned. Read an article.

The Fuss Over Fracking

The controversial oil and natural gas drilling method known as fracking is set to begin in Illinois. Will it bring jobs or will it wreak havoc on the environment? Read an article.

The Fracking Boom's Other Frontier

Illinois’ most visited State Park is at the center of a fight to expand mining. Will it revive the local economy or mar a scenic landmark? Paris Schutz has the story. Read an article.

Bill Daley Drops Out of IL Governor Race

In a stunning development, Bill Daley has decided he will not run for Illinois governor. Daley, in an interview with the Chicago Tribune, says that his political experience might not have prepared him for the enormity of running for governor.

Alex Clifford Wants His Job Back

Chicago Tonight first learned that Alex Clifford would like his old job back at Metra, and his lawyer says that giving it to him is the only way to undo the controversial severance package that is now estimated to pay him close to $900,000.

Jacksons Sentenced

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is sentenced to 30 months in prison, and his wife Sandi Jackson is sentenced to 12 months. We have the latest news and analysis. Read an article, view a timeline, and watch web extra videos from our archives.

Web Extra: Metra Board Member Larry Huggins Resigns

The fallout from the Alex Clifford $718,000 severance saga continues. Board member Larry Huggins, appointed by former Mayor Richard M. Daley, has resigned. The news came in a release sent by Mayor Rahm Emanuel's top press aide. Read an article.

Wrigley Plan Faces City Council Committee

The deal to renovate Wrigley Field looks to have finally crossed the plate. A City Council committee unanimously approved the deal Tuesday after some furious late inning, back room negotiations. Read an article and the mayor's statement.