Stories by Paris Schutz

Iranian-Born Chicago Artist Reunites with Husband After Travel Ban

After a week of fear and stress, an Iranian-born Chicago artist was finally able to return to the U.S. following a court ruling that put an injunction on the president’s travel ban. Now she is sharing her story.

Chris Kennedy Running for Governor

A new official entrant – with a familiar name – in the race for governor. Why Chris Kennedy says he’s in it to win it this time.

Syrian Refugees Arrive in Chicago

After being turned away last week, a Syrian refugee family arrives in Chicago. Will there be a happy ending for the family or could they be turned away again?

Left Wing ‘Tea Party’ Growing in Chicago

Jason Rieger of Indivisible Chicago

Behind the new movement called Indivisible that has bubbled up in Chicago and around the nation in response to the election of Donald Trump. 

Local Officials Condemn, Question Trump Travel Ban

The latest from local elected officials on President Donald Trump’s travel ban after a weekend of confusion and protest at O’Hare.

Refugees, Visa and Green Card Holders Detained, Turned Away at O'Hare

Protesters gather at O’Hare airport Saturday afternoon. (Paris Schutz / Chicago Tonight)

What began as a regular Saturday at O’Hare International Airport grew into a dizzying scene of demonstrators and attorneys working feverishly to release travelers who had been detained by U.S. customs and border patrol officials. 

Sanctuary City Stare Down

Chicago’s status as a sanctuary city that harbors undocumented immigrants is on thin ice, but the mayor and other city leaders say they aren’t backing down.

Department of Justice Releases ‘Sobering’ Report on CPD

(Chicago Tonight)

The city of Chicago has signed an “agreement in principle” to negotiate a consent decree with the federal government that would give the embattled Chicago Police Department federal oversight to enact sweeping reforms.

DOJ Finds Civil Rights Abuses in Chicago Police Department

New Details Emerge on CPD Department of Justice Report

Friday morning the U.S. Department of Justice makes public the results of its yearlong investigation into the Chicago Police Department. It is said to be sharply critical.

Tiger Woods-Designed Golf Course in Jackson Park Gets Green Light

The Chicago Park District takes the first steps to bring a Tiger Woods-inspired golf course to Jackson Park, but not without controversy.

President Obama’s Farewell Address: What to Expect

A little more than eight years ago, Barack Obama gave his presidential acceptance speech in Grant Park. Tuesday, he’ll bookend his presidency with a much anticipated farewell address at McCormick Place.

Budget ‘Grand Bargain’ Shaping Up in Springfield

| Amanda Vinicky
The Illinois State Capitol (Meagan Davis / Wikimedia Commons). Inset: Senate President John Cullerton, Republican Leader Christine Radogno.

After nearly two years of budget gridlock, spiraling deficits and political acrimony in Springfield, a grand bargain on the budget is coming together in the Illinois Senate.

Justice Department to Conclude CPD Investigation Next Week

The incoming Trump administration has signaled a different direction with its policies on policing and civil rights. Does that mean Chicago may not have to comply with this report?

Gov. Rauner on Budget: ‘I’m Flexible’

The state begins the new year, once again, without a budget. A one-on-one with Gov. Bruce Rauner to find out how he plans to finally come to a compromise.

Illinois Delegation Split on Repeal of Obamacare

Tammy Duckworth (left) is sworn in as senator Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the 115th Congress was sworn in, including new members from the Illinois delegation. Up next, according to congressional leaders, is the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. How will that work, and will the Democratic Party aim to block it?

Study: Illinois’ Fiscal Mess Will Take a Decade to Fix

(Ken Teegardin / Flickr)

It’s no secret that Illinois is in a perilous fiscal situation. But just how bad is it? A new study aims to answer that question definitively.

City, ‘Secret Santa’ Save Uptown Homeless Shelter

(Chicago Tonight)

The city of Chicago and a generous “secret Santa” stepped in at the eleventh hour to keep a North Side homeless shelter open after months and months of public protest. What does it mean for the city's homeless population?

Lawsuit Forces Emanuel’s Hand on Emails

What do billionaire Ken Griffin, Gov. Bruce Rauner and a select few Chicago aldermen have in common? They all had direct access to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's personal email account on which he conducted city business.

Trump and the Future of Climate Change Research

Why did the Trump transition team target Department of Energy staffers who worked on climate change? What does the future hold for climate research and nuclear weapons? A one-on-one interview with the current U.S. Secretary of Energy.

Will Madigan Face Challenge for Speaker of the House?

Could Republicans and some Democrats actually plot to dethrone longtime House Speaker Michael Madigan?

Illinois Lawmakers Look to Expand, Protect Abortion Rights

In light of anti-abortion comments made by President-elect Donald Trump, a pair of proposed state bills would protect and expand abortion rights in Illinois.

Cullerton: Rauner Holding Up Budget, Pension Reform

Legislative leaders and the governor are in a high-stakes game of chicken. A one-on-one with Senate President John Cullerton to see how he proposes ending the Springfield stalemate.

Mayor Emanuel Meets with President-Elect Trump

(Courtesy of CNN)

The mayor delivers a letter to Donald Trump, urging the president-elect to protect the status of Dreamers.

Chicago Police Department Mulling Changes to Use of Force Policy

Eddie Johnson (Chicago Tonight)

When is a police officer allowed to fire a weapon? The Chicago Police Department is set to release new rules on that, but they are already drawing criticism.

West Side Residents Approve Higher Taxes for Mental Health

Why residents on the West Side of Chicago voted overwhelmingly to raise their property taxes a bit higher than the rest of the city.