Stories by Paul Caine

From Undocumented Child to Federal Judge

From an undocumented child to a federal judge, Manuel Barbosa joins us to discuss his own incredible migrant story he recounts in his autobiographical new book, The Littlest Wetback.

“Big Bang Machine”

A NOVA special called Big Bang Machine about the Large Hadron Collider airs at 9:00 pm Wednesday on WTTW11. Don Lincoln, one of the top scientists from the documentary, joins us to discuss the role of Fermilab -- located just outside of Chicago -- in the experiments at CERN in Switzerland.

Ironing Out Medical Marijuana Details

| Kristen Thometz

As Illinois prepares for implementation of legal medical marijuana, we take a look at some of the challenges and regulatory hurdles these businesses face.

Investing for 2015

After a sixth straight year of gains for U.S. stocks, we take a look at the prospects for 2015. How will low oil prices and a likely rate hike by the Federal Reserve impact the investing environment?

Chicago Tonight’s Year in Review

| Travis Cornejo

From the election of a new governor to the installation of a new archbishop to Nik Wallenda’s tightrope walk and many other stories besides, our roundtable of Chicago Tonight correspondents looks back at the biggest Chicago stories of 2014.

Christmas Tree Recycling

| Yasmin Rammohan

The city's annual Christmas tree recycling program begins Jan. 3. 

Dow Tops 18,000

| Travis Cornejo

The Dow surges through 18,000, as the economy grows at its fastest pace in more than a decade.

Scientists Speak about Spinosaurus

Paleontologists Discover Largest Predatory Dinosaur

| Taurean Small
Image from the October edition of National Geographic magazine.

We revisit our conversation with the scientists behind the discovery of Spinosaurus, the largest predatory dinosaur ever found.

Tax Tips for the New Year

We have some timely tax tips from Dave Henderson of Duggan Bertsch.

Abner Mikva on a Lifetime of Public Service

| Travis Cornejo

Abner Mikva talks about a lifetime of public service and what it was like to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, from President Barack Obama.

State Sen. Biss on Secure Choice Savings Program

| Kristen Thometz

State Sen. Daniel Biss discusses a new workplace retirement program that was just approved in Springfield and will impact 2.5 million Illinois workers.

Deputy Mayor on Downtown Business Boom

| Kristen Thometz

Chicago Deputy Mayor Steven Koch joins us to discuss booming downtown development and job growth, and the city's new minimum wage.

Final Harvest of the Year

| Kristen Thometz

The Organic Gardener Jeanne Nolan returns to the WTTW garden for the final harvest of the year just in time for Thanksgiving.

Net Neutrality: What’s at Stake?

| Alexandra Silets

The debate over net neutrality is at the very core of how the internet will develop. We debate the issue with experts on opposing sides.

'Gangsters & Grifters'

We take a look at some classic crime photos from the archives of the Chicago Tribune.

Tribune Analyzes CPS’ Bond Deals

| Kristen Thometz

The Chicago Tribune's analysis of borrowing by Chicago Public Schools has been causing quite a stir. The reporters on the story lay out what they found.

Bob Mariano on Grocery Store Expansion

Chicago native Bob Mariano, CEO of Mariano's, is here to update us on the grocery store's Chicagoland expansion, his approach to business, and his views on the economic outlook for Illinois.

A Democrat’s Advice for Bruce Rauner

Newton Minow on his 10 Tips for the Governor-Elect

| Kristen Thometz

As a Democrat who voted for Republican Bruce Rauner, Newton Minow joins us to talk about his 10 tips for our new governor-elect to help make him an effective governor.

"Your Inner Fish"

Our science guy, Neil Shubin, is back to talk about the new PBS three-part series based on his bestselling book, Your Inner Fish. Watch a preview and read an overview of the series.

Food Safety

The Centers for Disease Control says there may be as many as 48 million cases of foodborne illnesses every year in the United States, costing the economy more than $150 billion and resulting in around 3,000 deaths. We talk with two food safety experts about the impact new technologies are having in keeping our food safe. Read an article.

GOP Senate Forum

Downers Grove businessman Doug Truax and entrepreneur Jim Oberweis are competing in the Republican Primary for the opportunity to take on incumbent U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin. Truax joins us. Oberweis has declined our invitation to participate. Read an article, and view bios and career timelines of the candidates.

Former U.S. Ambassador to NATO on Ukraine Crisis

As Russian troops tighten their grip on Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula and Western powers scramble to respond, we talk with Chicagoan and former U.S. ambassador to NATO, Ivo Daalder.

Progressive vs. Flat Tax

Illinois is now rated as the least credit-worthy state in the nation. It seems increasingly likely that some form of state tax reform must be a part of any plan to address the state’s long-term fiscal woes. But what type of reform? State Rep. David McSweeney and State Rep. Christian Mitchell debate the merits of a progressive vs. a flat tax. View an infographic from Reboot Illinois for a nationwide overview on taxes.

"The Answer to the Riddle is Me: A Memoir of Amnesia"

Imagine waking up on a crowded train platform in a foreign country. You don’t know where you are or even WHO you are. That’s what happened to Chicago author David Stuart MacLean. His new book, The Answer to the Riddle is Me: A Memoir of Amnesia, chronicles how he has spent much of the past decade trying to piece together the fragments of what he remembers of his former life. He joins us with his story. Read an excerpt and view a slideshow.

Skin Electronics

Science catches up with science fiction as we revisit a conversation with Professor John Rogers, the inventor of epidermal electronics -- tiny, bendy computer chips that can be placed on or in the human body to monitor critical health data. Watch web extra videos.