Stories by Paul Caine

Chicago’s At-Risk Youth: Are Mentoring Programs the Answer?

The mayor makes mentoring programs a centerpiece of his anti-violence strategy. How much impact could they have?

Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged, Janet Yellen Responds to Trump

The Eccles Building in Washington D.C. serves as the headquarters of the Federal Reserve. (AgnosticPreachersKid / Wikimedia Commons)

Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen rejects the notion that the Fed plays politics when deciding interest rate policy.

London Mayor talks Trump, Clinton and the Politics of Inclusion

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in conversation with Phil Ponce on Sept. 16. (Chicago Tonight)

London Mayor Sadiq Khan on being elected the first Muslim to lead a major Western capital, and what he makes of U.S. presidential politics.

Head of Mayo Clinic Addresses ‘Epidemic of Burnout’ Among Physicians

The head of the Mayo Clinic sheds light on what he has called “an epidemic of burnout” impacting doctors and undermining patient care.

Harnessing the Power of Big Data in Fight Against Cancer

| Kristen Thometz

The Cancer Moonshot initiative being led by Vice President Joe Biden aims to accelerate the pace of cancer research and the development of new treatments. We talk to the University of Chicago professor who is a key player in that effort.

Tribune Tower Redevelopment and the Rise of Vista Tower

Tribune Tower on Chicago's Michigan Avenue. (Ken Lund / Flickr)

Architecture critic Blair Kamin on the future redevelopment of the Tribune Tower and the rise of a new Jeanne Gang-designed addition to the Chicago skyline.

STEM Summer Camp Opens Minds, Broadens Opportunities for Young Girls

With girls and women seriously underrepresented in fields involving computer science, we visit a computer camp that is aiming to change that at the Illinois Institute of Technology. 

Harvesting the WTTW Organic Garden

It's been a spectacular growing season in the WTTW garden. Jeanne Nolan, the Organic Gardener, joins us with tips for harvesting and preparing some of our crops, including corn, tomatoes, Mexican sour gherkins, red noodle beans and neon eggplant.

Lori Lightfoot Weighs in on Police Accountability, State Redistricting

The head of the Chicago Police Board on what it will take to change the culture of the department and restore public confidence.

Study: Childhood Concussions Can Have Profound Long-Term Impacts

A new study finds that just one childhood concussion can have profound long-term impacts on health and educational attainment. That story and more from the world of science.

Despite Lead in Polls, Maintaining Unity Still an Issue for Democrats

Hillary Clinton (Gage Skidmore / Flickr)

Hillary Clinton may be riding high in the polls but tensions between her and the progressive left of her party remain. What do Democrats need to do to maintain party unity?

Talk of September Rate Hike by Fed Knocks Stocks off Record High

Stocks retreat from Monday's record high. Is a correction coming? And is it time to move some of your money out of stocks and into something safer?

Copyright Cases Involving Illegal Porn Downloads Surge in Northern Illinois

Northern Illinois sees a huge surge in the number of people being sued for downloading pornography. A look at why so many local people are being targeted.

As Cost of Homeownership Rises, Tough Times for Chicago Market

Most Chicago homeowners–with the exception of some 18 aldermen–are facing property tax increases and the prospect of more to come. Will the tax hikes dampen home sales?

Does Chicago’s Plastic Bag Ban Carry Real Weight?

One year in and the city's ban on flimsy, one-use plastic bags is now fully in effect. But is it really reducing pollution or, as some critics charge, is it actually making the problem worse? Our panel examines the ban's impact.

Investigation into ‘Price of Pork’ Paints Often Disturbing Picture

A Chicago Tribune investigation called “The Price of Pork” paints an often disturbing picture of pork production in the state. The lead reporter on the series joins us to discuss his findings.

Scientists Battle for Physics Slam Crown

Fermilab's Physics Slam in 2013.

You've probably heard of a poetry slam, but this weekend, Fermilab will present its fifth annual Physics Slam in downtown Chicago. Learn more.

Obama Pushes Support for TPP, Critics Fear Another NAFTA

President Barack Obama comments on the TPP during a press conference at the White House with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Aug. 2, 2016. (CNN)

President Barack Obama reiterates his support for the Trans Pacific Partnership. But the trade deal has strong opposition. What's at the core of the agreement that could shape U.S. trade relations in the 21st century?

Sen. Mark Kirk Fears Long-Term Damage from Trump Candidacy

(Photo of Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore / Flickr)

Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump’s campaign. We asked Kirk for his assessment of the Republican National Convention so far and whether he has any regrets about not attending.

Urban Coyotes Set to Get City Protection

(Credit: Cook County Urban Coyote Research Project)

Chicago’s animal control department could soon be treating urban coyotes as beneficial predators instead of potentially dangerous pests.

4 Out of 5 Business Leaders Say Chicago is on the ‘Wrong Track’

A new poll finds Chicago's business community is distinctly underwhelmed by the local business environment and feels "pay to play" politics is a big part of the problem.

Local Entrepreneurs Aim for Zero Waste with Plant Chicago

On the South Side of Chicago some local entrepreneurs are repurposing an old meatpacking plant in an effort to create something very unusual – a way of doing business that creates no trash.

Lead Prosecutor Reflects on Richard Speck’s Chicago Murders

Richard Speck

The brutal murder of eight young Chicago nurses in the summer of 1966 horrified the nation. Fifty years later, the lead prosecutor on the case that was instantly dubbed "The Crime of the Century" is here to tell us about it.

Race to be VP Pick Heats Up As Conventions Approach

With both the Republican and Democratic conventions around the corner, there’s lots of speculation around vice presidential picks for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Who’s likely to get the nod from Trump or Clinton?

Robin Robinson on Her New Role at the Chicago Police Department

Robin Robinson (Facebook)

The longtime Chicago news anchor was recently hired by Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson to be a departmental spokesperson and his special adviser on fostering stronger community relationships. She tells us about her new job.