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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

News Analysis with Elizabeth Brackett
New clean air initiatives were unveiled by city, state and federal authorities today. The hot weather has caused more pollution action alerts this summer. Elizabeth Bracket and her panel will look at the latest methods to clean up our air.

Obesity Study
Nearly every study that comes out about obesity tells us the same thing - we're getting fatter no matter what diet currently holds our fascination. David Grotto, a dietician with the American Dietetic Association, offers some information about what it will take to get us healthier.

Chicago Rowers
From Rich Samuels, we get an update on the women of the Chicago Rowing Center. They're winning on the water — but losing the space on dry land where they stow their boats.

The opening of a new gallery brings some attention to the arts renaissance happening in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood. Fawn Ring has the story.

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Voiceover King of Chicago
You may not know his name, but his voice was once behind some of America's biggest products. We'll meet Ken Nordine, a broadcast icon and the inventor of "Word Jazz," a fusion of beat poetry, jazz and now computer animation.

One More Thing...
...about the Cubs season.