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Thursday, September 22, 2005

News Analysis with Phil Ponce
For years, he's been known as the dogged consumer advocate who was head of the Citizens Utility Board. Now Martin Cohen is shifting positions. Governor Blagojevich named him as the chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission, the same agency he has battled for more than 20 years. Cohen joins us for a panel discussion about his new job.

Award-Winning School Teachers
School's back in session, and the Chicago Public Schools are recognizing outstanding teachers, 23 of whom were honored last night at the first annual "Drive" awards. We'll meet three of those visionary Chicago public school teachers tonight. Read about the awards here.

Blind Clockmakers
There's a factory in Chicago where eyesight isn't required to make the product. The Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind is one of the country's biggest manufacturers of clocks. We'll tell you about it.

Remembering Jack Quinlan
The late, great Cubs broadcaster Jack Quinlan is remembered in a new audio book, Jack Quinlan: Forgotten Greatness. We'll speak with author Ron Barber and see rare pictures of Quinlan in action on the booth and on the field.

1960's Chicago imagist Gladys Nilsson takes everything lying down in her new exhibition of reclining women. Fawn Ring has the story. Gladys Nilsson's work is on display at the Jean Albano Gallery through October 18.

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