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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mayor's Proposed Budget
A 20-cent-a-pack hike in the city's cigarette tax awaits smokers if Mayor Daley has his way. Rich Samuels briefs us on the mayor's proposed 2006 Chicago budget and tells us why aldermen may not rubber stamp it.

News Analysis with Elizabeth Brackett
The federal government released its plan to deal with the the avian flu. What's being done to protect Chicago from the threat of a bird flu pandemic? And what are the chances the disease will even make it here? Elizabeth Brackett gets some answers from a panel of public health officials. Guests: Doug O'Brien, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Dr. Eric Whitaker, Illinois Dept of Public Health; and Dr. Catherine Counard, Director of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases for the Cook County Department of Public Health

At Home with...Wayne Messmer
Chicagoans know him for his stirring renditions of the National Anthem. Bob Sirott and Marianne Murciano talk to Wayne Messmer and his wife Kathleen about singing and how he came back from being shot in the throat.

Winterizing Your Garden
The arrival of fall means it's time to prepare your garden for the coming winter. Eliza Fournier of the Chicago Botanic Garden joins us with some tips on how to properly winterize your plants.

Biographical Museums
Looking for something out of the ordinary to do this weekend? We'll take you to some museums you may not know about — all dedicated to local people whose influence was felt around the world. For more information: Willie Dixon's Blues Heaven; the Ernest Hemingway Museum and the Frances Willard Home and Museum.

Chicago poet Haki Madhubuti tells his own tragedy-to-triumph stories in his new autobiography, Yellow Black.

One More Thing...
...about today's birthday parties.