Tuesday, April 11, 2006

City Hall Scandal
Mayor Daley responded today to the latest allegations of City Hall corruption. Rich Samuels has the mayor's remarks, as well as a barrage of reporters' questions the mayor didn't always answer fully. Read the Sorich Santiago Proffer here.

Chicago Matters
St. Elizabeth Catholic School in the Bronzeville neighborhood serves a student population that's very much like that of a public school, and some say it's a model for how public schools should operate financially. In our Chicago Matters series "Valuing Education," Eddie Arruza takes us inside this parochial school. Then his panel discusses whether it is a template for publicly-funded schools. Panelists: Karen Lewis, Chicago Teachers Union; Jack Roeser, Family Taxpayers Network ; and education reporter Alexander Russo

Depression Therapy
A new device may offer faster relief to people suffering from depression. We'll talk to Dr. William Gilmer, a doctor at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, who's taking a look inside the brain, to see how well antidepressants are working. For information about the new trial, call (312) 926-8400.

Rare Book Shop
Book lovers take note: One of the finest rare book dealers in the country is right here in Chicago. We'll introduce you to Printer's Row Fine and Rare Books and the character who runs the shop. Printer's Row Fine and Rare Books, 715 South Dearborn Street, Chicago

Mercury Concerns
According to a recent study by Illinois PIRG, sport fish in Illinois lakes and streams contain toxic levels of mercury. We'll ask the author of the study what that means for consumers.

Hedy Weiss Theater Reviews
Sun-Times theater critic Hedy Weiss review three new productions, including Steppenwolf Theater's latest main stage production Love Song. Also: The Chalk Garden and Fabulation or, the Re-Education of Undine

Debra Pickett
Sun-Times columnist Debra Pickett shares her views on the Massachusetts plan to offer universal health care.