Thursday, October 05, 2006

News Analysis with Eddie Arruza
House Speaker Dennis Hastert said he is "deeply sorry" for the congressional page sex scandal. Elizabeth Brackett reports on what else he had to say. Plus Eddie Arruza and his panel discuss the policial repercussions of the scandal. Guests: David Axelrod, Thom Serafin

Chicago Stories
The nuclear war heads were never launched, but missiles in Lincoln Park and Jackson Park were ready to carry them aloft if Soviet bombers approached Chicago. In tonight's "Chicago Stories" segment Rich Samuels tells us about the city's last line of defense.

Millions of adults suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. For some, no medications help. One desperate college student came to Loyola University Medical Center for a risky new type of brain surgery to ease his symptoms. We'll show you if it worked.

Image Union Preview
One of Chicago's architectural landmarks sits on the city's north side. You've probably never been inside, and you might not even know it exists. Tomorrow night on the season premiere of the WTTW series "Image Union", two Northwestern University filmmakers take us inside the Uptown Theatre for a view of its breathtaking design, and meet community members trying to restore the theatre to its former glory. We'll preview the film tonight.

We'll bring you to Massive Change, a Chicago art exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art that shows how design is changing the world.