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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Eat Your Veggies!
Even more evidence is out today that eating leafy green veggies will protect your brain.
We'll hear from the Rush University Medical Center 's epidemiologist with more details.

News Analysis with Elizabeth Brackett
Republican congressional candidate David McSweeney and Independent Bill Scheurer join us in studio. They're running against 8th District incumbent Melissa Bean, who declined our invitation to appear tonight.

Chicago Matters: School Funding and the Governor's Race
Illinois voters soon will decide who will lead the state for the next four years, an important decision as Illinois confronts some major policy hurdles in coming years. All three candidates have made school funding a key issue, but they offer different approaches to how they would tackle the problem. Tonight we'll analyze the three school funding proposals with panelists representing school funding watchdog groups. Guests: Ralph Martire, Center for Tax and Budget Accountability; Bindu Batchu, A+ Illinois; and Jim Tobin, National Taxpayers United of Illinois

Chicago Wilderness
Melinda Pruett-Jones, executive director of the Chicago Wilderness Consortium, tells us about a few hidden natural treasures in our urban landscape.

Fawn Ring takes a look at how 15 Chicago public school students got a shot at making a feature film. Click here for more on IFP.

Mancow Muller shares his thoughts about a disturbing trend in the city.