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Thursday, December 14, 2006

News Analysis with Elizabeth Brackett
Overspending. Underfunding. Calls for resignation of the chief. What is in store for Chicago's CTA? Elizabeth Brackett and her panel take a look at the issues surrounding this vital Chicago service. Guests: Greg Hinz, Scott Smith, Jackie Leavy

"Pursuit of Happyness"
The inspiring life story of Chicagoan Chris Gardner has been made into a major motion picture starring Will Smith. We'll revisit our July interview with this once-homeless single father-turned-millionaire businessman.

Violent Web Videos
Internet video sharing websites, like YouTube and others, are becoming more and more popular. But some of the video on those sites could disturbing to parents and harmful to children. Christian Farr takes a closer at the growth of violent web videos.

High-Tech Holiday Gifts
Are you still looking for some gift ideas? We'll preview some of the top high-tech gadgets with the Technology Tailor, Alex Goldfayn.

Palm Treo 680
Cingular Wireless: $199
"Unlocked" GSM model: $399

RIM Blackberry Pearl
Suggested retail: $349.99 ($199 with rebates)

iPod Nano
Comes in 2GB (500 songs for $149), 4GB (1000 songs for $199) or 8GB (2000 songs for $249)

iPod Shuffle
Retail: $79

Shure e500PTH Headphones
Retial: $499

iKaraoke by Griffin Technology
Retail: $49.99

iFROGZ Silicone iPod Cases
Case for Nano: $19

Case for Video iPod: $29

TiVo Series2 Dual Tuner
80 Hour Model: $69.99
180 Hour Model: $169.99

SLINGBOX AV by Sling Media
Retails: $179.99

We'll visit the only totally free music school in the country, the People's Music School, located right here in Chicago. The People's Music School Student Winter Concert is Saturday December 16, 2006, 2 p.m., The People's Church, 941 West Lawrence, Chicago. For more information call 773-784-7032.

Supper Club
We'll head to Palermo's in Oak Lawn for authentic Italian cuisine and learn how to make a traditional Italian holiday dessert.
Recipe for Pannetone Trifle