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Chicago River

There is a new push to increase recreation on the Chicago River. But when will it be safe enough to swim in? And how much will the cleanup cost? We have the answers on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm.

Lake Michigan may be Chicago's front yard, but the Chicago River is its backyard -- and it's getting some sprucing. That was Mayor Rahm Emanuel's sentiment as he announced a nearly $1 million grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help clean up the Chicago River and improve water quality earlier this week. The city also announced its own improvements.

Four new boathouses will be designed by Chicago architects and will be located at the following addresses:

  • River Park Boat House, 5100 N. Francisco—The site of the future boat house is at Argyle and the river.
  • Clark Park Boat House, 3400 N. Rockwell—The site of the future boat house is at Roscoe and Rockwell, east of the river.
  • Ping Tom Memorial Park Boat House, 300 W. 19th Street—The site of the future boat house is north of 18th street, through the under-bridge connection, west of the St. Charles line railroad tracks.
  • 28th & Eleanor Boat House—The site of the future boat house is between Loomis and Fuller Streets on Eleanor, across the river from Ashland Avenue.

Other changes include expanding Ping Tom Memorial Park and developing more river trails. Money for the construction will be split between public funds and private donations.

What are your thoughts on the Chicago River cleanup? Post your comments below or sound off on our discussion board!

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