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Sen. Mark Kirk & Sen. Dick Durbin

A national unrest is brewing amid discontent with the President, Congress and Wall Street. Illinois Senators Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk join Carol Marin on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm for a lengthy discussion about how to turn the country around.

Click image to view photo gallery.Sen. Durbin’s security guard was the first to show up 45 minutes before the interview. The senator was due to arrive a quarter of an hour later by a different entrance. The segment’s producer, Paris Schutz, was also on hand to greet him at the door. He led the guard to the west side of the building adjacent to the parking lot, where Sen. Durbin would shortly arrive.

I waited with Sen. Durbin’s guard, Nathan, for the senator’s SUV to pull up. Within a few minutes, Durbin arrived with two members of his staff, all smiles. He introduced himself immediately and seemed to genuinely make an effort to remember my name. He then proceeded to the one place a female reporter may not follow: the men’s restroom.

The rest of us -- the senators' entourage: a security guard and communication person apiece -- hovered outside the makeup room. Not more than a minute later, Sen. Kirk popped out of the doorway to our left. He had arrived at the front entrance with his security and communications team. A production intern, Alex Soulier, had led him down the lobby stairs to the studio entrance where we waited expectantly. Click image to view photo gallery.

With a pause for introductions and handshakes, but without breaking his stride, Sen. Kirk immediately sat down in the makeup room for some foundation and a dusting of powder, to combat the glare of the studio’s lights. When the conversation flowed to the St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers series, Sen. Durbin chimed in from the doorway, unable to resist. 

After some good-natured banter, the senators traded places in the makeup chair. Sen. Durbin received the same set of touch-ups while Sen. Kirk settled into his seat in the studio with Carol Marin, our host. Durbin was not long behind.

Seated next to one another, cups of coffee in hand, the senators seemed at ease with one another, alternatively joking and catching up as they waited for cameras to roll and for the interview to begin.

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