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Buying Electricity

ComEd could lose more customers if hundreds of Illinois municipalties change the way residents get electricity. We take a closer look at the Election Day referendums, and what it could mean for you, on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm.

The Citizens Utility Board is unveiling a special voter's guide on Tuesday, as nearly 300 communities in suburban Chicago and across Illinois prepare to hold referendums on whether they want to embark on a monumental change in how they pay for electricity.

On March 20, residents from hundreds of communities will vote on whether their towns, cities and villages should launch Municipal Aggregation programs.

CUB wants voters to be informed for these historic referendums. Some key facts from CUB's voter guide are:

Long term savings are NOT guaranteed with an alternative supplier. CUB shows you why ComEd prices could drop significantly in the next 18 months.

Even if you participate in municipal aggregation, you won’t avoid ComEd rate hikes. CUB tells you why.

You don’t have to participate in municipal aggregation programs, even if your community passes a referendum in favor of it. CUB tells you how to opt out -- or opt in.

Check out CUB's Guide to Municipal Electricity Aggregation in the links below.