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Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review: 11/16

On this edition of Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review with Joel Weisman, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. may be out of the Mayo Clinic, but clearly not out of trouble with the Feds. Gov. Pat Quinn softens his stance on casinos. Local Republicans talk about reforming the party. Mayor Rahm Emanuel didn't run for office last week, but was he a big winner? A guilty verdict in code of silence case involving cop-bartender beating. Controversy over lack of cooperation between Chicago Police and CeaseFire. And in sports, the Bears lose to tough Texans in unrelenting rain, while the Jay Cutler hit brings concussion worries back to center stage.

- Kate Grossman, Chicago Sun-Times
- Mick Dumke, Chicago Reader
- Pat Milhizer, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
- Sean Jensen, Chicago Sun-Times

Watch our panel’s web-exclusive conversation in Web Extra: The Week in Review: 11/16.

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Friday, November 16:
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