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Barbara Byrd-Bennett

With more than 50 schools on the chopping block, Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett joins us on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm to explain one of the largest school shutdowns in U.S. history. View the full list of schools slated to close, and read Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis' statement about the closings in the PDF below.

The following schools are to be closed:
Close Altgeld into Wentworth @ Altgeld (new STEM program at Altgeld)
Close Armstrong and May into Leland @ May (new STEM program at Leland)
Phase out Attucks over 2 years, close into Beethoven Fall 2015
Close Banneker into Mays @ Banneker
Close Bethune into Gregory
Close Bontemps into Nicholson (new STEM program at Nicholson)
Close Calhoun into Cather
Close Canter into Harte and Ray
Close De Duprey and Von Humboldt into De Diego (new IB programme at De Diego)
Close Delano into Melody @ Delano
Close Dumas into Wadsworth @ Dumas (new STEM program at Wadsworth)
Close Emmet into Ellington and DePriest (new STEM programs at Ellington and DePriest)
Close Ericson into Sumner (new STEM program at Sumner)
Close Fermi into South Shore Fine Arts
Close Garfield Park into Faraday
Close Garvey into Mount Vernon
Close Goldblatt into Hefferan (new STEM program at Hefferan)
Close Goodlow into Earle @ Goodlow (new STEM program at Earle)
Close Henson into C. Hughes
Close Herbert into Dett @ Herbert
Close M. Jackson into Fort Dearborn
Close Key into Ellington (new STEM program at Ellington)
Close King into Jensen
Close Kohn into Cullen, Lavizzo, and L. Hughes (new STEM program in L. Hughes)
Close Lafayette into Chopin
Close Lawrence into Burnham @ Lawrence
Close Manierre into Jenner (new IB programme at Jenner)
Close Marconi into Tilton (new STEM program at Tilton)
Close Mayo into Wells @ Mayo (new IB programme at Wells)
Close Morgan into Ryder
Close Overton into Mollison (new IB programme at Mollison)
Close Owens into Gompers (new STEM program at Gompers)
Close Paderewski into Cardenas and Castellanos
Close Parkman into Sherwood
Close Peabody into Otis
Close Pershing West into Pershing East @ Pershing West
Close Pope into Johnson
Close Ross into Dulles
Close Ryerson into Ward @ Ryerson (new STEM program at Ward)
Close Sexton into Fiske @ Sexton (new IB programme at Fiske)
Close Songhai into Curtis
Close Stewart into Brennemann
Close Stockton into Courtenay @ Stockton
Close Trumbull into Chappell, McPherson, and McCutcheon
Close West Pullman into Haley (new Fine and Performing Arts program at Haley)
Close Williams ES and Williams MS into Drake @ Williams; co-locate with Urban Prep
Close Woods into Bass
Close Yale into Harvard
Close Near North and Buckingham into Montefiore
Mason moves from K-11 to K-8 (program closure only)

Proposed Co-Locations:
Richard T. Crane Medical Prep HS with Chicago Talent Development HS and Richard T. Crane Technical Prep HS
Noble-Comer with Revere ES
New Noble HS with Bowen HS
Montessori Charter of Englewood with O’Toole
Kwame Nkrumah Charter with Gresham
New KIPP with Hope HS
Disney II expansion with Marshall Middle
Belmont Cragin K-8 with Northwest Middle (Belmont Cragin preK program remains in current location)
New Noble HS with Corliss HS
Dodge with Morton
Drake with Urban Prep Academy for Young Men – Bronzeville

Proposed Turnarounds:

Visit CPS Quality Schools for detailed information.