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Aldermen Support Parking Meter Changes

Almost half of the Chicago City Council has signed on in support to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s parking meter changes, barely one day after the voluminous amendment was introduced to them.

Influential aldermen like Finance Committee Chair Ed Burke, Budget Committee Chair Carrie Austin, and Rules Committee Chair Richard Mell all pledged their backing, lauding the “Free Sundays” proposal that would return free Sunday parking to about 80 percent of the city in exchange for longer parking hours downtown Monday through Saturday.

It’s a bit of a surprise, considering the criticism aldermen have taken for failing to adequately review the original parking meter deal. They were promised 30 days to look over the revisions, which are contained in a document roughly the size of a phonebook, double-sided.

Even Ald. Leslie Hairston, a no vote on the original, gave her support to the new deal. Others like Ald. John Arena and Ald. Scott Waguespack expressed confusion that their colleagues would sign on so quickly. Waguespack has called the document “misleading.”

Visit the PDF below to read the full press release.