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Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review: 12/6

On this edition of Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review with Joel Weisman, pension reform comes to Illinois. Is it a great achievement or theft? Will it hold up in court? How will it impact Chicago’s own pension woes? Murders are down 20 percent in Chicago over this time last year. The city is on pace to have the fewest murders since 1965. Can Mayor Rahm Emanuel take credit for that? Ex-cons run for the Cook County Board. Mariano’s buys 11 soon-to-be-empty Dominick’s stores as the mayor forms a task force to try to find buyers for the others. And in sports, the Blackhawks lose two this week but are still looking red hot.

Charles Thomas, ABC-7 News
Mary Wisniewski, Reuters
Mike Flannery, FOX News Chicago
Jim Litke, Associated Press

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Here is a roundup of Chicago Tonight's web stories from this week:

Monday, December 2:
- Mariano's Buys 11 Local Dominick's Stores
Lawmakers to Return to Springfield
"Big Cat" Williams on Bears vs. Vikings

Tuesday, December 3:
- Reaction to Pension Reform Vote
- IL House Passes Pension Reform
- IL Senate Passes Pension Reform
Historic Pension Reform Bill Approved
- Landmark Pension Day Underway Amid Tense Atmosphere
Early Education in Latino Community
Chicago Time Machine

Wednesday, December 4:
Pension Vote Analysis
Peter Baker
- Pencil Him In

Thursday, December 5:
Ventra Special
- Remembering Nelson Mandela
- Gov. Quinn Signs “Historic” Pension Bill; Unions Move Toward Lawsuit

Friday, December 6:
- Weekend Events Around Town: 12/6 – 12/8
- Web Extra: The Week in Review