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Governor Receives Ride-Sharing Bill

A bill to regulate commercial ride-share operators like Uber and Lyft lands on Gov. Pat Quinn's desk this week.

Supporters of the legislation want companies like Uber to follow many of the same rules conventional taxis follow including having chauffeur's licenses and adequate insurance.

But Uber, one of the leading ride-share operators, is encouraging Quinn to veto or amend the bill, saying it protects traditional cabs and too severely limits competition from the new guys on the block. The ride-sharing company is also reaching out to its customers directly to stop the bill from passing. Uber Chicago, the company's Chicago-based twitter handle, took to the social media to encourage its 19,000 followers to sign a petition in protest of HB4075. 



Currently the petition has more than 47,000 signatures.

We talk to Mara Georges, a lawyer representing the traditional taxi industry which supports the legislation, and to Andrew MacDonald, head of Uber's Chicago operation which is urging the governor to either veto or amend the bill.

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