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Major Exhibit for Young Chicago Artist

"Parade Day Rain" is 33 year-old Hebru Brantley's show at the Cultural Center. The exhibition combines comic book art, painting, sculpture, neon, drawing, and a large parade float to explore the theme of how exactly does one respond to having their parade rained on.

Using his characters Flyboy, inspired by the Tuskegee Airmen, and L'il Mama, along with a host of other cartoon-like figures, Brantley metaphorically examines the choices of forward thinking optimism, the dangers of crowd think, despair, cruelty, curiosity, and fantasy, and he does this while touching on everything from the Underground Railroad to Hurricane Katrina. We visit the exhibit and Brantley's Pilsen studio to find out more about what makes this dynamic young artist tick.

View a slideshow of Hebru Brantley's work.

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