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Genetically Modified Foods

Should GMO Foods Be Labeled?

As the battle over Genetically Modified foods or GMOs heats up, with bills to require GMO labeling on foods introduced in more than 20 states, including Illinois, we talk to advocates on either side of the issue.

Anyone who has not limited themselves to an exclusively organic diet over the last 20 years has likely eaten genetically modified foods. Grocery store shelves are filled with them. An estimated 80 percent of packaged foods contain genetically modified ingredients. And many fruits and vegetables on produce stands have also undergone genetic engineering. But what does that mean?  Some people refer to so-called GMOs as "Frankenfoods;" foods that are lab engineered rather than naturally produced. And there are campaigns around the country pushing for GMO foods to be labeled as such. But proponents of GMOs say they are misunderstood and safe.

There have been more than 60 bills introduced in more than 20 states proposing labeling genetically engineered foods according to the Center for Food Safety. Click on the states below view summaries of active labeling bills across the United States.




--Map by Taurean Small