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Smoke and Mirrors

As the medical marijuana pilot program gets underway in Illinois, some fear the corruption and cronyism the state is known for will dominate who will be granted the first licenses. We explore the application process and how it will be overseen by state officials. Joining us are Bradley Vallerius, attorney at Vallerius Legal and Professional Services who has assisted Illinois communities and program applicants throughout the medical marijuana pilot program process, and Kari Lydersen, investigative reporter and freelance writer for Better Government Association who recently released a "Rescuing Illinois" report for BGA detailing the secrecy associated with the medical marijuana licensing process.

View a chart of possible revenue from legalized marijuana.

--Graphic by Travis Cornejo. Source: NerdWallet

View a map of the legalization of marijuana in the United States. 

*Recreational use of marijuana in Alaska, Oregon and Washington, D.C. will become effective in 2015.

--Map by Kristen Thometz