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Analyzing the Runoff Election

This historic mayoral runoff election is over with Mayor Rahm Emanuel winning a second term. We discuss the results of that race, as well as the results of the 18 aldermanic runoff elections with our panel of political experts. Joining us are NPR's Cheryl Corley, Univision Chicago's Mariano Gielis, and WTTW's very own Joel Weisman.

View results of the April 7 election. Percentages were last updated with results from April 23. Click on the races below to watch Chicago Tonight's forums for featured wards.

In the map below, wards that are colored blue elected an alderman in February’s election. Wards colored green are aldermen who retained their seats in the runoff election. Wards colored orange elected new aldermen. Wards colored gray have yet to be decided. Click on the wards for winners and percentages, which were last updated with Chicago Board of Elections results on April 23.

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