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IL House Members Approve Emergency Budget

Lawmakers in the Illinois House on Thursday approved an emergency one-month budget which passed on July 1 in the Senate with no Republican support. But a pass in the House may not resolve the budget impasse, as Gov. Bruce Rauner has vowed to veto the temporary spending plan.

We get the latest from Chicago Tonight Springfield reporter Amanda Vinicky.

Lance Trover, spokesman for Gov. Bruce Rauner, issued the below statement following the Illinois House’s approval of an emergency budget:

“Voting to spend money the state doesn’t have is the cause of Illinois’ financial crisis. Today, Speaker Madigan and the legislators he controls irresponsibly voted for yet another unbalanced budget plan.

We saw today that Speaker Madigan can force 70 legislators to join him in voting for an unconstitutional budget. We also saw the Speaker's unwillingness to hold a vote on a tax increase that, absent reform, would suffer bipartisan defeat.

The Speaker's failure to take up an accompanying revenue plan is a clear signal that rank-and-file members of the General Assembly understand that reform is necessary. It’s time to end the status quo and get serious about fixing our state.”

Members of the Illinois House of Representatives approved the emergency one-month budget by a vote of 71-7 (with 21 voting present). See how each of the representatives voted.

    More on the budget stalemate:

    Gov. Bruce Rauner on Wednesday held a press conference to address the continued budget stalemate while also calling on Speaker Madigan to either work on the governor’s reforms or pass a tax hike to increase revenue. Watch the video.