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Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review, Sept. 25

Eddie Arruza and his panel of guests discuss the mayor’s budget proposal and other top stories of the week. Among them, another deadly weekend of gun violence in the city; a lawsuit filed by the Chicago Tribune against Mayor Emanuel; big layoffs announced by Groupon and Caterpillar; and talk of possible Chicago Public Schools layoffs and a teachers’ strike by Thanksgiving. We'll also learn about some new twists in the case against Patrick Kane; and catch up on the Cubs, whose fans just keep getting giddier. 

Bruce Dold, Chicago Tribune
John McCarron, Chicago Tribune
Becky Vevea, WBEZ
Jim Litke, Associated Press

Want more time with our guests? Each week our panel continues the conversation online. In this week’s web extra, we discuss the Yom Kippur graphic goof by WGN News. During a recent newscast, an over-the-shoulder graphic was used that depicted not just a Star of David but the emblem that Jews in Nazi Germany were forced to wear from the late 1930s through the years of the Holocaust. WGN has not said how that graphic got on the air, but station bosses apologized – not just profusely but several times – for what they termed an "embarrassing" and "inexcusable" mistake.

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