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Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review, Oct. 9

Joel Weisman and his panel of guests discuss the top stories of the week.

The Cubs pummel the Pirates with the help of a pitching magician named Arrieta. Former CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett pleads guilty to corruption charges. The city council's Black Caucus says Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy has to go, while Mayor Emanuel stands by his man. Gov. Bruce Rauner issues a challenge to Democrats. Recovering from cancer, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis says she will run for re-election.

Mary Wisniewski, Reuters
Charles Thomas, ABC7 News
Frank Main, Chicago Sun-Times
Lester Munson, ESPN

Each week our panel continues the conversation online. Join us for a discussion of local newspapers in the news, as the struggling Sun-Times loses its CEO, and the Tribune puts its Tower up for sale and offers buyouts to non-union personnel.