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The Week in Review: Trump Picks VP

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has chosen Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his vice presidential candidate. Friday morning, Trump tweeted that he’d chosen Pence and announced a Saturday news conference. Pence, a former six-term congressman, faced a Friday deadline to drop his bid for a second term as Indiana’s governor.

“Trump is probably feeling pretty good about Indiana anyway, so I don’t think this was one of those Electoral College kinds of picks,” said Charles Thomas of ABC 7 News. “I think he wants to solidify the religious right, the social conservatives, because they’re a little soft on Donald Trump. They don’t really know where he’s coming from. This pick sends a message to them.”

Trump had been scheduled to hold a news conference on Friday to announce his choice, but postponed the event after an attack on a Bastille Day celebration killed dozens and wounded hundreds in Nice, France. David Greising of Reuters said Trump’s response shows he does have the capacity to demonstrate “presidential” behavior.

“Instead of gloating about the attack as he has previously done, [with] France he instead delayed an announcement,” Greising said. “He’s starting to learn a little bit about some of the protocols of national politics.”

Joel Weisman and guests discuss this story and more during The Week in Review.

In other news: The GOP prepares to meet in Cleveland to nominate the New York businessman, but many Illinois Republicans are taking a pass. Hillary Clinton visits Springfield and slams the party of Lincoln for becoming the "party of Trump." Former governor Rod Blagojevich's lawyers try to get time knocked off his sentence, while current Gov. Bruce Rauner calls for a bipartisan fix to the school funding formula.

And in sports, the American League team beats the Cubs-dominated National League team in the All-Star Game, marking the start of the baseball season's second half.


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The conversation continues in our exclusive web video. This week, Joel Weisman and his panel take a look at the mechanics of picking a vice presidential running mate.

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