The Week in Review: Trump Talks Chicago Violence

Joel Weisman and guests discuss the week's news: Donald Trump claims a top Chicago cop told him city violence could be tamped down in one week. The Illinois Supreme Court blocks a redistricting amendment from the November ballot. U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth calls Sen. Mark Kirk “unhinged” after the senator labels President Barack Obama “drug dealer-in-chief” over a money exchange with Iran. In turn, Kirk says Duckworth is mocking stroke victims.

The Chicago Board of Education passes an “imperfect but balanced” budget as the teachers’ union gears up for a possible October strike. The Chicago Bears look for their first preseason win. U.S. Cellular Field gets a new name–and the jokes fly on Twitter.


Mary Wisniewski, Chicago Tribune
John McCarron, contributor to the Chicago Tribune
Kate Grossman, University of Chicago Institute of Politics
Jim Litke, Associated Press

The conversation continues online in our exclusive web video. This week, Weisman and guests discuss Chicago gun violence and national politics.