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‘Downton Abbey’ Actor Robert Bathurst Portrays Prince Charles as King

It is a “what if” play, a future history of what might happen if Prince Charles ascends to become King Charles III after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. In finding his regal identity, the new king stirs a parliamentary crisis.

Actor Robert Bathurst portrays King Charles III and spars with family members Camilla, William, Kate and Harry as he splits from the prime minister on a crucial piece of legislation. “King Charles III” is at Chicago Shakespeare Theater through Jan. 15.

Best known as Sir Anthony Strallan on “Downton Abbey,” Bathurst joins Chicago Tonight to discuss the finer points of portraying a living historical figure–and the prescience of this 2014 play which foresaw the possibility of sudden, enormous changes in government.

Director Gary Griffin also joins us. Griffin is an artistic director at Chicago Shakespeare Theater and a veteran of both the Chicago stage and Broadway.

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