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2018 Race for Governor Heats Up, But Still No Budget from Springfield

With the 2018 race for governor already getting into swing, the state is still grappling with its yearslong budget impasse.

Despite widespread service cuts and state vendors going unpaid, lawmakers in Springfield still appear unable to pass a budget. The so-called “grand bargain” in the Illinois Senate, once viewed with hope, now appears to have little chance of passing. Democrats in the Illinois House are advancing another stopgap bill to fund higher education and social services that its supporters are calling a “lifeline.” And Gov. Bruce Rauner has embarked on another campaign-style tour of the state, though aides insist it’s not a launch of his reelection bid.

Joining Chicago Tonight to give their take on the latest developments in Springfield are Republican state Sen. Michael Connelly and state Rep. David McSweeney; and Democratic state Sen. Donne Trotter and state Rep. Elizabeth Hernandez.

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