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Illinois Shuts Down ‘The Fire Ball’ Rides

The Illinois Department of Labor has joined other states in shutting down carnival rides similar to the one that malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair Wednesday.

The ride called "The Fire Ball" was spinning riders 40 feet in the air when an entire row of seats broke off, sending riders flying. One person died and seven others were injured.

Illinois officials are ordering similar rides made by Dutch manufacturer KMG to cease operations until they can be thoroughly inspected. At least 14 rides in Illinois are shut down, including a smaller version of "The Fire Ball" called "The Freak Out" which was scheduled to be used this week at the DuPage County Fair in west suburban Wheaton. 

In other news in Chicago tonight

Pigs will not be flying in Chicago anytime soon. The city has said no to a permit requested by a Chicago architectural firm to fly four large helium balloons in the shape of pigs in front of the Trump Tower sign downtown.

New World Design limited, which came up with the idea, asked the city for permission to tether the airborne swine in the river. But the Chicago Department of Transportation says the mylar-like hogs would cost the city $100,000 in security and sanitation, and would impede river traffic.

Pokemon Go Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit is filed in Cook County against organizers of last weekend's trouble-plagued Pokemon Go Fest in Grant Park. Massive technical problems left hundreds of fans unable to play the popular game.

Everyone who attended was refunded the $20 admission fee and given an additional $100 in in-game credits. But Thursday's suit wants Niantic, the game's developer, to offer, among other things, reimbursement to gamers who traveled from out of town – some reportedly coming from as far as Japan.  No response from Niantic Thursday afternoon on the legal action.