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Mayor Vows to Fight Fed’s ‘Unlawful Attack on Chicago’s Values’

Mayor Rahm Emanuel appears on “Chicago Tonight” on Jan. 24.Mayor Rahm Emanuel appears on “Chicago Tonight” on Jan. 24.

A new wrinkle in Chicago’s legal battle with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Chicago won the first round when a federal judge blocked the federal government from withholding public safety grant money from so-called sanctuary cities, like Chicago.

But Attorney General Jeff Sessions will appeal that ruling, and is now asking a judge to stay the order of the first judge.

The Justice Department wants local police to give federal agents notice before releasing from custody immigrants who may be living in the U.S. illegally.

In a statement, Mayor Rahm Emanuel says “we will fight the Trump Justice Department’s unlawful attack on Chicago’s values—because we are on the right side morally and the right side legally.”

In other news in Chicago tonight

The city of Evanston will be outfitting its police with body cameras.

The City Council approved spending more than a million dollars over a handful of years on cameras following what one Evanston police commander characterized as a successful test run.

Commander Joe Dugan says the cameras helped with the prosecution of several cases.He says cameras will hopefully be purchased by November, and then the force will go through training. 

A national tour brought relics from the saint known as Padre Pio to a pair of Chicago churches.

He was a Franciscan friar from Italy, believed to have experienced the stigmata—the wounds of Christ.

Thousands of Chicagoans had the chance to view relics, including a lock of hair, and blood from his wounds. 

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