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Canada Geese Give Local Hunters the Slip

It’s open season for hunters of Canada geese, but the migrating birds have found a novel way to stay out of the firing line: wintering in the city.

Rabiah Mayas, associate director at Northwestern University’s Science in Society research center joins us to discuss that story and more from the world of science:

• Holding or not holding infant children can impact a child’s genes and may have profound implications for future health.

• There are some 15 FDA-approved drugs to slow the progress of multiple sclerosis but none actually stop it. Now researchers are exploring new strategies to tackle this complex disease that attacks the nervous system and afflicts some 340,000 nationwide.

• The Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched by NASA in 1977 and now the most distant object created by man at more than 13 million miles from Earth, fires up its thrusters.

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