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Democratic: Jan Schakowsky, Simon Ribeiro; Republican: Timothy C. Wolfe, Susanne Atanus

Star Formation, Self-Healing Circuits, Cornea Gene & Math Anxiety

Neil Shubin

Do you know someone with math anxiety? New research offers clues about what's happening in a brain that's anxious about math. Our science guy, Neil Shubin, has that story and more in Scientific Chicago.


Ash-har Quraishi

Could harnessing the power of cold temperatures help shed flab and love handles? Ash-har Quraishi takes a look at the procedure of freezing fat.


At midnight, some of the internet's most popular websites are shutting down to protest possible changes to anti-piracy laws. We take a closer look at the possible fallout.


Jodi Kantor. Image credit: Juliana Sohn

Michelle Obama turns 48 today. What's life like for the first lady? A controversial new book chronicles her life in the White House. Author Jodi Kantor talks about The Obamas.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel © 2011 City of Chicago, photo by Brooke Collins

Protesters are turning up the heat on Chicago, even as the Mayor and Police Chief cool down restrictions for the G-8/NATO summits. Paris Schutz has the story.