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Book details Superman, America's "most enduring hero"

What's the secret to Superman's success while other caped crusaders have faded away? Author Larry Tye joins us with the answers, and a web-exclusive video.

We meet two local guitar players who make their instruments out of cigar boxes.

Oriental Institute curator Rozenn Bailleul-LeSuer highlights some of her favorite artifacts in a new exhibit. 

Birds in Ancient Egypt

Nina de Garis Davies' "Farmers Deliver Their Quota of Geese"

We take a look at a new exhibit about the role birds played in ancient Egypt.

What can Chicago learn from education reform in Turkey? We talk with a visiting reformer about the global challenges of improving schools.

President Obama had little time to relish his re-election. He is back in Washington working with legislators to try to avoid the looming fiscal cliff. We dive into what that cliff is, and whether it can be avoided.

Paris Schutz has the latest news and reaction to news that Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is in the midst of plea deal talks with the Feds.

Illinois Sen. Kirk Dillard is preparing another run for the governor's office. He joins us live in our studios on Monday, Nov. 12.