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New Art Exhibit Portrays President Through Multiple Archetypes

President Obama as you've never seen him. Chicago artist Rick Valicenti created 50 digital portraits of the president, representing the many archetypes embodied by the Commander-in-Chief. 

Illinois Pension Crisis

We have your thoughts on the Illinois pension crisis in tonight's Viewer Mail.

Prescriptive or descriptive? A new book looks at one of the most controversial American dictionaries ever published.

A multimillion dollar public-private partnership has attracted donors from all over the world. We show you how it's breathing new life into old athletic fields.

As stocks tumbled during the Great Depression, farmers in the Great Plains were dealing with the Dust Bowl -- a plague of dust storms that lasted a decade resulting in the greatest man-made ecological disaster in U.S. history.

We have both sides of the debate on the mayor's controversial proposal to have the city purchase electricity in bulk on behalf of residents.

City Council Passes Emanuel’s Budget 46-3

Ald. Sandi Jackson is a no-show as the Chicago City Council passes Mayor Rahm Emanuel's budget by a 46-3 vote. Paris Schutz has the details.