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We remember Ralph Frese, who died yesterday at the age of 86.  Frese built hundreds of canoes by hand -- including giant ones to cross Lake Michigan.  We take another look at Jay Shefsky's profile of the legendary Illinois paddler.

Neil Steinberg, longtime columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, shares stories from his new book, a defense of the city of Chicago.

New Survey Shows Sharp Political Divides

What's on America's economic to-do list? The creator of a new survey has the details.

A Chicago architect is the 2013 winner of the prestigious Driehaus Prize for Classical and Traditional Architecture. Our Geoffrey Baer reveals the winner.

A new pension reform bill is pending in Springfield and while it has some bi-partisan support, it's facing criticism as well.  We'll hear from some who have objections to the latest plan.

A Federal Appeals Court shoots down Illinois' ban on carrying concealed guns in public. Paris Schutz has more on what happens now.