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"Algal Biodiesel Processing Station III" by Marissa Lee Benedict; courtesy of DePaul Art Museum

Artists look at the environment and create beauty out of uncertainty. We get a preview of a local exhibit.

He's been bringing you the "Week in Review" for 35 years. We celebrate and reminisce with Joel Weisman about this historic milestone.

Visit THE WEEK IN REVIEW: 35TH ANNIVERSARY to watch vintage "Week In Review" shows from the past 35 years.

A new energy law is changing how homeowners live in Illinois. Our expert panel tells us what this law means – and debates its pros and cons.

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te'o's internet girlfriend is revealed to be an elaborate prank. We have more on how fake online personas are created.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is exploring privatizing Midway Airport. We have the chair of his advisory panel here to explain this potential partnership.