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Chicago Sun-Times Theater Critic Hedy Weiss brings the drama, reviewing four shows currently on stage in Chicago.

A famous photographer aims his camera at the sidewalks of the city. We see what Irving Penn discovered "underfoot."

Ford Motor Company's resident "futurist" is here with a look at what's in the pipeline for American cars.

A state representative hasn't paid rent on her district office in more than 10 years. So why are some top Democratic party officials trying to keep it that way? Paris Schutz has the story.

Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund executive director Kevin Huber joins us with the dire state of his fund.

Sports stadium insider Marc Ganis joins us to discuss the Wrigley Field renovation plans, and the proposal made by rooftop owners.

It's Chicago's warmest January 29th on record -- with temperatures expected back in the teens later in the week. We talk with a meteorologist about what it all means.