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We hear what you had to say about recent stories when we read some of our viewer mail. 

We see some of the amazing murals scattered about the Chicago Park District's fieldhouses.

Microsoft's latest campaign takes aim at Google's policy to scan all Gmails to tailor personalized ads to their email users.  We'll take a closer look at online and email privacy.

Local female veterans react to the Pentagon lifting the ban on women in combat.

A study names Chicago's traffic among the country's very worst. What city planners are doing to save people time and money.

The alleged shooters of Hadiya Pendleton failed to press charges from an earlier shooting, preferring retaliation instead, according to police. We speak with CureViolence's Ameena Matthews and executive director of the mayor's Office of Public Engagement Felicia Davis on gang culture. 

State's attorneys outline their case against two young men charged in the shooting death of Hadiya Pendleton. Paris Schutz has more on what prosecutors say happened that day, and what they believe it says about Chicago's homicide problem.